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08 September 2013 @ 10:20 pm
Chase Hates Fat People, Chapter Four  
In which the horrible possibility of Cameron finishing a plate of food keeps Chase up at night.

Trigger warning: Lots of body-shaming (original fic), one sexist insult (mine... quoting an old SNL sit but still. best warned for.)

And if you'd rather stay in at night
I can relate to that
And if it feels like your heart's dried up
I can relate to that


House: And welcome back to We Still Don’t Know What Song This Is, followed by Someone Out There is Getting Screwed Out of Royalties.

Cameron: Not finding myself super impressed by this song, though. Apparently the singer relates to everything. Then again, we’re critiquing the fic, not some random musical artist, so… I’ll leave that be.

After work the next day Cameron and Chase went to see Dr. Maccon, a nutritionally oriented physician,

House: He gets turned on by nutrition.

Taub: I get turned on by nutrition.

Wilson: When did you even get here?

who had his own Clinic not far from the Princeton Plainsborough hospital. They were supposed to see him at 5:15 but had to wait an extra fifteen minutes for no apparent reason.

House: Why did we need this detail, given that it was for no apparent reason?

Cameron: Yeah, if it had been a fifteen-minute wait due to a hostile alien takeover of the entire state, that would be story worthy.

The nurse said that the doctor had some other issues to take care of. Chase was a little ticked but Cameron assured him that Dr. Maccon was good.

Cameron: I just keep reading this as “Macaroon”, like the candy. Or the African country. Or both.

"Allison Cameron?" someone called from the hallway's entrance.
Cameron stood up simultaneously with Chase. They both were led to room 4 and said it would be a minute or two before he came in there. The nurse asked them basic questions, took her blood pressure, and left.
"From what I can tell he likes to keep people waiting," Chase said as the nurse shut the door.

Chase: From what I can tell, the last six paragraphs have served no purpose.

"House is exactly the same but he's good too."
"Right. He's a joy too," He said rolling his eyes. "How could you ever date him?"

Cameron: Did we really “date”? We went out once.

"He is not a bad guy," She argued. "He's . . . just anti-social. I think he's not as tough as he thinks he is."
"But Wilson was right. House was crazy to pass you up."
"You make me sound like some grand prize."

House: There’s no limit to what you can win! And then big-top music plays.

"That make me the grand prize winner, right?" He joked, making her smile. "It's always great to be a winner."
Then Dr. Maccon, they presumed, came in.

Wilson: Actually, it was Abraham Lincoln. Everyone was really surprised at that one. Not me, though. I saw it coming a mile away.

He was an older man, balding as naturally as men his age tend to do, but seemed to be too thin for his own good.

Chase: He’s also too bald for his own good. Grow some fucking hair, man!

Chase silently mused on how Cameron was coming to a guy as small as a toothpick for weight gain. It was ironic.
"Now you've had problems with your pregnancy, right?" He asked taking a seat in the chair and rolled over to the couple.
"Um, yes. I lost her. Pre-term baby. She didn't survive . . ."
"Sorry to hear. Pretty name though, Cecelia," Dr. Maccon complimented.

Cameron: Glad that you… approve?

"Now I should first point out that from his history Mr. Chase has a lower sperm count than most. Significant enough to mention, that is."

Chase: Ho-shit. I just got burned.

"Wait, what?" Chase said. This was the first that he heard of that.
"It would account for how you didn't concieve although you tried for a couple of months before becoming pregnant," The older man explained.

Chase: …what does this have to do with Cameron’s weight, though?

"This is new to me. I've never heard of this, honestly," Chase said directing that last remark to Cameron.

Chase: Methinks I doth protest too much.

"I had you both examined where you work today.

Chase: There was someone walking around near me at work, checking my sperm count? Is it just me or is that kinda creepy?

These tests often come back quickly and I thought it would be worth mentioning," He said. "I wanted to tell you that Mr. Chase because you can make sure to avoid hot tubs or hot baths - it reduces sperm production."

Cameron: Here we have a teachable moment… or… something?

"Alright," He sighed resigning to trusting the fellow doctor. "Anything else I can do?"
"You could have injections of testosterone. It will raise the sperm count."
"How many would you recommend?"
"Two at a minimum."

House: Haha! Chase is bad at making sperm!

"What did my tests show? Anything abnormal?" Cameron had to ask before she burst.
"Oh thank goodness," She said clutching her chest. "I was worried that I had something wrong with my ovaries."

Cameron: Do I really seem like an “oh thank goodness” kind of a person? I mean really?

"They're fine. It's your weight that concerns me, to be honest," Dr. Maccon told her. Cameron froze where she sat feeling as though she didn't breathe until he spoke again.

Cameron: I would personally be most concerned with the not-breathing but… that’s just me.

"A hundred pounds is much too small. Your body would be over-working itself to support you and the fetus. I'm sorry but you will have to gain atleast eight to twelve pounds before trying to concieve again."

Chase: Is this a thing? Can you be too skinny to be pregnant?

"Oh . . . oh, um, okay," She nodded becoming more tense about the subject. What made her worry the most was how Chase looked disappointed at the news. "Is there anything else?"

Chase: I’m not a chubby chaser!

House: I can’t even imagine an overweight Cameron. I don’t think that’s even possible.

Cuddy: I think she’d still have people lusting after her no matter what weight she was. If Chase isn’t interested, he can just walk on by.

Cameron: I think I would agree with Cuddy here. I meant I dumped Chase after he killed a dictator, but the constant body-shaming would do it too. I’m not exactly a shrinking violet and I very well might have socked him in the face after the first time.

"Yes. Do you drink a lot of caffeine?"
"Coffee is about it. I drink a lot of water."
"Do not drink coffee, Mrs. Cameron," He warned. "The fetus can't detoxify caffeine since it's liver isn't able to produce the required enzymes. One and ½ cups of coffee doubles the chances of a miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy."
It was odd, both Cameron and Chase thought, that even being doctors themselves that they never knew that.

Chase: Uh… So apparently despite being doctors, we don’t know something that this author probably found by Googling “things you shouldn’t do while pregnant”?

Cameron: S&M is one of them. You shouldn’t do S&M while pregnant… I didn’t listen to that one.

House: *falls over*

"Are you sure? I've never even heard of that before," Chase seemed to disagree.
"I am sure, Mr. Chase," Mr. Moccan assured as though he's been asked this many times before. He looked at Cameron once again. "If you want I can give you a liquid, Viltex, which will help while trying to concieve."

Cameron: I need to Google things and see if it exists… Apparently it’s some kind of thrift shop.

Chase: In order to get pregnant, we’re gonna pop some tags.

Cameron: Only got twenty dollars in my pocket…

She nodded. "I'll take it. Anything to help."
"Alright. Injections and Viltex . . ." He scribbled two dates for Chase's double injections. "Once a month. You can come in on Friday for the first, if it fits your schedule."
"Thanks," Chase seemed to be disappointed in himself, which he was, but he pushed his self-doubt aside.

Chase: Am I going to do a long-cry here because I’m low in sperm count?

"Oh, and if you can, avoid as much contact with chemical solutions and pesticides as you can," Dr. Moccan advised to Cameron.

Cameron: No, I usually like to spray Raid directly in my face. It makes a wonderful perfume.

Cameron nodded - no more cleaning sounded fine with her - thanked him, then bought a bottle of Viltex. There was no shame in needing some extra help although she had more than a hunch Chase didn't share that feeling.
"Well I guess we'll have to wait until I gain some more weight to try again," Cameron thought out loud.

Cameron: Go make me a sandwich, Chase!

"I can't believe I need shots of testosterone," Chase said with irritation. "I'm a guy. I shouldn't need that."

Chase: When have I ever been hyper masculine in this show? I mean, come on. I can see Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad being wigged out about this… or Walter White, for that matter, but not me. I mean, House pretty much counts me as a female half the time as it is.

"You're a smart doctor, Chase. You know that sometimes I body doesn't cooperate how we want it to," Cameron debated with him. "It doesn't mean you're emasculated."

Cameron: Welcome to Point, Counterpoint.

Chase: Cameron, you ignorant slut…

"Just don't tell anyone. I would never live it down," He sighed. Chase could just hear the comments House would come up with . . .

Chase: Oh, House is already there. He’s already been there, done that and purchased the T-shirt.

Cameron grasped his hand as they walked to the car. Before he could get in she said, "I think we should go out to eat tonight. Just to get some things off of our minds."
"Sounds good. Where to?"
"Meru's cafe. They have a deck that sits out next to the beach. It's really beautiful and very romantic . . . that way it'll get me in the mood for, you know . . ." She let her suggestion trail off into a more lecherous area.

House: Uhhh…As far as I know, there isn’t a beach in Princeton. It’s pretty landlocked.

Cameron: Maybe we’re going to Wildwood. Let’s go to Wildwood!

House: Or to that beach I went to after I drove into Cuddy’s house.

Chase played dumb. "What? To play scrabble all night long?"
Cameron playfully hit his chest laughing with him. "What a bad boy you are Robert Chase. Scrabble can get so dirty."

House: Wilson never lets me win with dirty words.

Wilson: That’s not entirely true… *nibbles his neck*

"When it's been collecting dust as long as it has, yeah, sure," Chase agreed as they got into the car.
"Do you think we can take our meal and eat it right on the shore?" Cameron questioned.

House: Seagulls will eat it.

Wilson: But hopefully not Alka-Selzer.

House: At this point in the story I just hope the seagulls fly away with Chase.

Chase considered it than shrugged. "If they don't let us we can do it anyway."
He smiled as Cameron looked more content than she had in a while.

Chase: Because I’m actually letting her eat.
Over the next few weeks Cameron gained some weight - six pounds. It wasn't noticeable but it was close to the 8-12 pound mark that had been set.

House: So if this were on TV all the people would be writing about how she’s fat now… There would be the Jennifer Morrison Weight Watch.

Gaining it wasn't turning out to be very easy. Chase still insisted that she eat non-fatty foods but sometimes she snuck in the rare greasy cheeseburger or a small chocolate cake when he wasn't paying attention.

Cameron: That’s right kids, control what your significant other eats! That’s super-duper romantic. I mean, unless it’s part of a TPE relationship in which case, whatever floats your boat.

Chase: You know a lot about S&M.

Cameron: Yes… Yes I do. *licks him* Master, can I have a cheeseburger?

Chase: Baby, I’ll buy you all of them if you keep acting like that…

Cameron felt that she had a right to put into her body whatever she wanted even if he didn't approve of it wholly.

House: I think at this point she should just put me into her body.

Chase had taken his injections as scheduled and was eager to begin the 'fun' part of the process. He was even more anxious to become a father. He always swore he would be a better parent than his own turned out to be. Of course he was nervous about making wrong choices, or how his and Cameron's positions as doctors would leave the child somewhat lonely, but he was confident that he could do it. Besides the kid would not be so lonely if they decided to have another baby!

Cameron: So he’s already planning on baby number three? When he can’t even accept the fact that his wife has to gain weight?

House: So what happens if he has a fat kid? How does that work?

Wilson: They’ll leave the kid on a mountain like the Spartans did. “Sorry kid. Too fat.”

Cuddy: They could give the kid to me. I’m not really all that picky.

Chase: Well wasn’t Rachel’s birth mom that overweight young lady who died?

Cameron: Chase is going to reject her for chubby genes… Let it be known we don’t actually condone judging people by their weight, this is all sarcastic based on the ridiculous tone of this fic.

On the two-month anniversary of Cecelia's death they visited her small grave. Cameron spoke to the tombstone saying how they were going to try anew, but that Cecelia would always remain in their thoughts. Chase didn't say anything - it felt too odd to talk to a grave - but he did leave a dozen of fresh roses on the sepulcher.

Chase: Yeah, cause talking to a tombstone is way weirder than the stupid shit I’ve been doing this entire story.
Cameron wasn't going to give up this easily. Over the next month every pregnancy test came out negative.

Cameron: Isn’t it dangerous to have two pregnancies so close together?

Chase: Yeah, that’s a thing. Women have actually evolved to have that not happen.

"That just means we get to do more 'midnight exercises'," Chase joked.
Cameron smiled weakly. "Um, Chase, when I do get pregnant will you find me attractive still? I know you don't like overweight people . . ."

House: I do!

Cuddy: Are you calling me fat?

House: Only your ass.

Cuddy: Well say hello to the couch for tonight House…

"I think you should look up paranoia in the dictionary," Chase said. When that did not calm the worry in her eyes he added, "That means that of course I will find you attractive."
Chase reprimanded himself for telling a flat-out lie.

Chase: I am just straight up a horrible person in this fic.

Cameron: I also would like to know why I’m even putting up with this shit. Chase wasn’t even my first choice. I should just go do House. This is actually a case where House would probably be the better partner, which is a damn shame if there ever was one.

His dislike of fat people - whether it was a bulge in the stomach or being morbidly obese - likely wasn't going to change. Although he loved Cameron he knew that when she would be in the later terms of the pregnancy, with a large belly, he wouldn't be able to look at her the same way.

Cameron: This is about the point where in canon I would just say, “fuck that noise” and go on my way.

Chase: I think I’d have said “fuck that noise” and then killed myself because I’m a horrible person.

In the last pregnancy she hadn't gotten much bigger - that had been their first sign of worry that things could be going wrong. He of course hoped this time would be different, but for the sake of her beauty, Chase shallowly hoped she could remain small.

Cameron: What the fuck? Pregnant women are supposed to gain weight?

Chase: Why is she even having a kid with me? Does this asshole-ness lie in the genes? Do we want to pass that down to our children?

It was soon after, when he was eating breakfast on the couch, he heard a scream come from the bathroom. Chase jumped up but realized that it was a horrified scream - but one from excitement.

Chase: She just realized she was dating a total asshole and screamed. Also, Freudian slip in that sentence.

"I'm pregnant! Oh my God!" Cameron came running out of the bathroom holding the pregnancy test. She dropped it on the floor

House: Like it was hot.

and threw herself at Chase, giving him a tight hug, while repeating, "We're going to have a baby Chase! It worked! I'm pregnant!"

Wilson: That does tend to happen when you have sex.

Somehow, although Chase was overjoyed by the news, he thought about how her stomach would expand. How much would she look like a regular fat woman? Would Cameron be able to keep the weight off afterwards.

House: This is really all he can think about? I mean really. Chase is like… anorexia by proxy or something here.

While Cameron made phone calls to tell the news, Chase stood not too far away, staring at her stomach with discomfort.

Cameron: Because that’s not creepy at all.

"How about Sarah?"
"To common."

House: To Anson Mount! To Colm Meaney! To whole third season cast of Hell on Wheels!

"Eh, sort of stripper-ish."

Cameron: But her middle name could be Meth, Chase. Think of the possibilities!

"Alright," Cameron flipped through the baby book of names until she came to a random page. "Lia?"

Chase: How many people actually spell it like that? I mean, I know that some people do, but a phonetic version of it… Okay, I’m obviously trying too hard to question minor things in a story that is completely out of control with bad already.

"Too short."

Chase: It’s two freaking syllables! How is that too short?

"Oh now you're just being stubborn," She huffed.
"We don't even know if it's a girl yet. We'll think of one when you're further along so we can confirm it's gender," Chase explained sounding bored.

Cameron: Well, apparently it’s an it. Wait to go Chase. Or what if it’s twins? Fat twins!

Then he asked about something that needed more concern, "Have you thought about baptizing the baby?"
Cameron was about to reject the concept but knew that Chase was religious enough to deem the rejection very offensive. Although she was an Atheist and didn't like the idea . . . but relationships were about compromise.

Cameron: I’ll baptize the kid if you stop trying to make me anorexic. That seems like a valid compromise.

"If it makes you happy . . ." She left the sentence unfinished hoping Chase would say something.

Chase: Like that I’m an asshole.

"I'm going to bed. Are you coming with me?" Chase asked with a seductive tone daring her to follow. Chase wanted to have sex as much as possible before her stomach began to grow.

Cameron: Public service announcement, if you ever say that to a woman or honestly even think it… you deserve to be exiled to the couch for the rest of your godforsaken life.
Cameron was beginning to worry deeply about Chase. Somehow he was drifting away, emotionally. As the pregnancy continued he spent less time with her. He worked longer shifts in the NICU even when there wasn't a shortage of nurses. He said that he wanted practice concerning babies but it was a hollow answer. Cameron could see through it.

Cameron: He thinks that I’m fast… wait, fat. Wait, he’s an asshole. Wait, he should stay in the NICU because the babies are the only people who want to hear his bullshit… Wait… they just can’t talk back. I’m becoming redundant but so is this chapter.

Her hormones were getting the best of her. They say that the first trimester is when the emotions would get the best of you. She cried when she came home alone and she yelled in the empty home at a picture of Chase for not being there when she was.

Cameron: Shit happens when you’re pregnant.

Cuddy: One time I was on my period and I cried at a shade of green… In my defense it was a really amazing shade of green

Chase: That’s not just women, I’ve done that too. I think it was the same shade of green.

Cameron had even burst into tears in the hallway at work. Some nurses asked what was wrong but she didn't want to talk to anyone about it. As far as she was concerned her hormones were messing with her mind - Chases loved her. He always would. He told her that so many times . . . so why was he acting weird?

Chase: Because I think you’re fat? Hasn’t this been established at least 500 times by now? Why is there any mystery about what I’m being a dickface about?

Cameron looked miserable and felt even more miserable when Chase went out by himself to the bar. Of course she wouldn't drink alcohol. It wouldn't be good for the baby. Chase knew that she wouldn't go; was that why he was going?

Chase: Do I really drink? I mean aren’t I really sad about my mother being an alcoholic? I only remember drinking when I killed the dictator.

Cameron: Well, you know, taking a human life and your wife getting fat are the same basic thing.

You're being paranoid, Cameron thought. He wants to spend time out by himself before he has to be home with a baby, just like he said.

House: Or he’s a penis-potato. Get it, dick-tator… like the one Chase killed!

After so many nights alone, with only some chocolate to comfort her, she decided to demand he tell her why he was avoiding her. Was it her newly bulging stomach? Was he really that shallow?

Wilson: Can I buy a vowel, Vanna?

He had made her promise that if she didn't want to be with him, she would say so. Shouldn't that apply to Chase also?
Chase didn't come home that night to the cuddling of Cameron in the bed. She was camped out on the couch up waiting for him.

Chase: Another really awkward sentence.

Cameron: “The Cuddling of Cameron” sounds like it should be a novel that takes place in an ivy cottage and somehow contains David Tennant.

"It's really late Allison. You shouldn't be up," Chase said with concern.

Chase: What, is it past her bedtime?! I mean… seriously.

Cameron: I am grown, motherfucker.

"I was waiting for you," She said. "One in the morning. I thought that you would be back earlier, honestly."
"I'm not drunk if that's what you're concerned about," He flatly informed. When looking at her through the dark he saw she was upset. "Are you okay?"

Cameron: With his night vision goggles he saw suddenly that he was a huge asshole.

"Why don't you stay home anymore?" Cameron questioned softly. She scooted over inviting him to sit next to her but he stayed where he stood.
"I just need some time by myself is all," He answered hoping that would calm her. "Just a couple of drinks is all I had. Really."

Chase: And we have some more awkward dialogue. Unless it’s awkward because I’m drunk…

Wilson: Like, “I’m not as think as you drunk I am?”

House: Or the time I got you drunk so you couldn’t sleep with Amber.

"I'm not worried about that. I want you to stay home more often Chase."
"We work all day together."

Cameron: This is why you shouldn’t date people that you work with.

Cameron started to quietly weep. She walked over to Chase and wiped at her eyes with her sleeve. There was a minute of intense silence before she spoke.
"Do you still love me?"

Chase: That answer would be a big, fat no. With the emphasis on fat.

Cameron: How long do you think it would take me to find a quality replacement?

Wilson: Just walk out the door and hitch-hike. He may not be a doctor but I’m sure he’ll be better than the asshole Chase.

"Of course I love you," said Chase. He was telling the truth. Just because she wasn't physically attractive with her new changing body didn't mean he no longer loved her.

Wilson: Because I always love women I never find physically attractive.

House: You don’t find any of them attractive because you’re always thinking about me instead.

"I need reassurance," Cameron spoke gently. She didn't want him to think that there was anger within her, there wasn't, but she was upset about his absence. "I want us to spend more time together. Just us. Sorry but work doesn't count, atleast not to me."

Chase: But that… that time we were working with those lab rats that… that was really erotic to me!

Chase smirked. He lifted her head by her chin so she could look up into his peaceful eyes. "Alright. You win. Tomorrow I'll cook and serve dinner for you. Is it a deal?" He kissed her on the forehead to seal the deal. As expected Cameron resigned, letting herself fall onto Chase's warm chest.

Chase: It’s all going to be tofu, isn’t it?

"I love you Chase," She whispered.
"Love you too." And he mean it.

Chase: Well of course he mean it.
Cameron, at four months pregnant, was showing more than in her previous pregnancy. She saw this as a good sign - so did Chase - but he wondered if she could break away from her habit of over-eating.

Cameron: Am I really over-eating, or eating… like… normal pregnant women eat? What is over-eating? How often have we actually seen our characters eating on the show, other than when House makes Wilson buy him food?

Now that she would be big no matter what she figured she could eat whatever she wished. Chase was just glad that while it wasn't attractive being fat from pregnancy, it was acceptable atleast. Otherwise...

House: Acceptable to who?

Wilson: To society?

House: To Chase?

Chase: To the dictator I killed?

"I made spaghetti with mushrooms, meatballs, and shredded cheese just the way you like it," Chase announced placing Cameron's plate in front of her. He sat down with his own plate and they began to eat.

Chase: That actually sounds kind of delicious.

Wilson: Back to the scratch-and-eat idea. But if you use the card too much, Chase will pop up and say that you’re too fat.

"I'm so happy you did this," Cameron said. "I was starting to feel lonely."

Cameron: Why would I be lonely because my… what the hell is he to me in this fic even… is being a total dick? Nah!

"Some nurses told me about you crying . . ." Chase said with guilt etched into his face. "Was that about me?"

House: No, she had a lot of money riding on the Panthers.

Cameron: *sobs* Jake Delomme… Why can’t you just step it up one week?! You had one job!

"It could partly be me," Cameron admitted to her uncontrollable emotions, even with the slightest things she would explode into tears. "My hormones are going nuts and I'm starting to get those weird cravings. Have you ever had chocolate ice cream with hot peppers?"

House: Ew.

Wilson: Ew.

Cuddy: *runs away*

Chase laughed. "Can't say I have. How was it?"
"Fantastic," she said with a sigh.

Chase: I am going to take your word for it.

Cameron: I feel like this is something I’ll see one day on Cupcake Wars.

After a couple minutes of silence, filled with them eating and drinking, Chase said, sounding determined, "I'll try to be home more often."

Chase: …to make you ice cream and hot pepper sundaes.

Cameron: Some reader, somewhere, went out and made this.

Chase: Were they pregnant?

Cameron: Maybe.

"I'm sure the NICU will be okay. Unless some infant is crying because you aren't there because than I'd feel guilty," answered Cameron than finished off what was on her plate.

Cameron: Unless the infant was crying because Chase called her fat.

For a moment Chase feared that she would ask for more. He had purposefully given her more than he normal would have in the hopes she wouldn't ask for more, thus eating in excess. Even if she was eating for two Cameron could pack away enough food for him, her, and a couple other people. When she didn't ask he finished his and said he could finish the dishes.

Chase: OH GOD NO! *horror cord* SHE ASKED FOR SECONDS!

Chase knew that it was very unfair to criticize her at all but ever since he was a teenager he had problems with the overeaters, fat persons, and the morbidly obese. He knew where those hateful feelings came from it was just hard to think back to the painful past.

House: What about people who aren’t fat but eat a lot?

Wilson: Like people with a tape-worm?

House: The ones without tape-worms who just have good metabolism.

Chase logically knew he had to made an exception for Cameron. This was the woman he would give his life for. He could look past this . . .
His feelings weren't listening though.

Cuddy: Can I just reach into this story and strangle Chase within an inch of his life? I’m serious.

Cameron: Can I be second? I can go all Million Dollar Baby on him.

Chase: Unless you’re too busy eating a burger.

A/N: I know that Chase really detests fat people so I don't think I'm exaggerating his dislike. It's just put him in a position where he has to question if it's really a prejudice he's always had or if it came from somewhere deeper in his past.

Chase: Seems legit.

Cameron: I really want to know.

Cuddy: It’s going to be just like the flashbacks on LOST.

Cameron: Anyway… we’ll see you next time!

chocolate_frapp: Bertie Smilechocolate_frapp on September 9th, 2013 04:58 pm (UTC)
yay! you did more! I was afraid you'd given up.

House: What about people who aren’t fat but eat a lot?
Like you, House?
Mrs. Mercury: pic#112514812sydpenguinbunny on September 9th, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Glad you like it :)

Haha, yes. And all that food he eats is paid for by Wilson :D
niicelaady: slashersniicelaady on September 10th, 2013 02:34 am (UTC)
Another chapter! Yay! So glad to see that even though "House" is over, bad!fic and good MSTs are still happening.

Fic!Chase is a candidate for Biggest Douche in the Universe (tm South Park).

Cameron, you ignorant slut. Ah, classic SNL memories ... .

Great MST! Can't wait for more.
Mrs. Mercury: pic#112514812sydpenguinbunny on September 10th, 2013 03:07 am (UTC)
Why thank you!! Glad you enjoyed :D