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17 December 2013 @ 12:52 pm
Chase Hates Fat People, Chapter Five  
In which we learn why Chase hates fat people... Oh Lord.

Warning: More body-shaming.

And if you need someone at your side
I am out there

House: Welcome back.

Cuddy: Well, the copyright infringement has a point this time… Chase certainly is “out there” in this fic… But maybe not in the way that they thought they meant.

Cameron wasn't sure who to go to so she could let out all of what she was holding in. Chase was staying home more often but he was distant. He acted as though she were a good friend - not a lover.

Cuddy: Well, maybe he’s nicer to his friends than he is to Cameron in this fic? If so, that could only be an improvement.

He refused to make love, saying he was either too tired or not in the mood, and while he would hold her he seemed uncomfortable. Chase was behaving oddly and Cameron hoped this was only a faze. Maybe he needed time.

House: Yes, folks, a faze. And if Chase doesn’t want her, I’ll take her.

Cameron didn't have time though. She was crying more often - whether it was from stress or hormones she wasn't sure. All she knew is that she needed to spill her guts to someone.

House? Never. Foreman? He wouldn't understand.

Foreman: It’s because I’m black, isn’t it!

Cuddy? She was most likely too busy to go into a full-length discussion of personal matters. And right now Cameron's mother and father were out of the states, attending a funeral of an old family friend in Ireland.

Chase: Why Ireland?

Cameron: For drunk jokes…

There was one more person she trusted but if Chase knew he could use it as an excuse to avoid her more than now. Wilson obviously cared, more than a friend, but Cameron was to a point where she needed someone to show her compassion.

Wilson: I still don’t know why I want Cameron in this. I talked to her like, twice on the show, in eight seasons.

She was tired of being rejected by Chase day in and day out. When he kept her at arm's length she couldn't help but dwell on how Cecelia being alive would make all of the difference in the world.

House: If they had a kid already, Chase wouldn’t think she was fat? How does that logic work, exactly?

Cameron's world could be easily mended with Cecelia's smile but that day would never come.

Wilson: Until she got up to the age where Chase thought she was a fatty.

But she's gone . . . I'll never get to hear her speak. Or say I love you Mom . . . she thought rubbing at her bulging belly for comfort that another would be coming soon. Then she had a small revelation. Is this pregnancy bringing out new angry emotions that the last didn't work?

Cameron: More likely it’s bringing out angry emotions that Chase is a huge asshole.

She needed someone to tell her it was okay so she went to see Wilson on his break.

Wilson: Because I’m totally an ob-gyn in my free time, when I’m not doing actual, you know, cases. Of people with… cancer.
Wilson was hardly expecting Cameron to walk through the doors.

Cameron: I was expecting, though. Drum roll, please.

Ever since his little slip so many months back they mutually avoided eachother unless it were medically relevant chats.

Cameron: How is that herpes clearing up for you?

Wilson: Pretty well, actually. Not so well for House, though.

House: I thought herpes didn’t have a cure…

"Um, hi," she said looking timid for once. She took a seat in front of his desk. "How are you doing?"

"Well enough, given that one of my patients threw a glass at my head," He said turning his face to the left, showing a small bruise forming beside his right eye.

"Oh wow. I guess he didn't take it the news too well . . ."

Cameron: Actually that was just a kinky sex game…

"Oh no. He's going to be fine, we caught the cancer early," Wilson explained. "He has multiple personalities. Apparently Terrance, the one that threw the glass cup, doesn't like me so much."

Chase: …Really?

House: Well, there was that girl with multiple personalities on the show.

Wilson: In “the twist no one will see coming!”

Chase: I saw it coming.

Cuddy: Yeah, me too.

Cameron wasn't sure what to say so she looked around a bit. His office was a bit of a mess, with papers everywhere, but otherwise it was plain. Things were in boxes piled on top of another.

Chase: What’s in the box?

Cameron: Step one… Cut a hole in the box.

"I know it's bare right now but that's because I'm moving some things around. One of my cabinets broke," Wilson said noticing her familiar glances around the room. "I was thinking of having some strobe lights installed. Maybe a disco ball."

Chase: That is a great choice for your patients with epilepsy…

Cameron smiled sweetly but was still unsure of what to say. She said the first thing that came to mind, "Do you think I could talk to you for a bit? I know we're both busy but I don't have anywhere else to go."

"I suspected that there had to be something really wrong for you to come to me," Wilson admitted sincerely. "Chase doesn't know? I thought you two would be attached at the hips."

Wilson: Until they became fat hips… Now he’s out.

"If that's the case he must have ripped hiself from me because he's being too distant with me. It know he cares for me.

Cameron: “He ripped himself from me” makes me think of Rumplestiltskin ripping himself in half. Not an image I really wanted or needed, by the way.

That has never been an issue. He does love me but . . . when he does stay home it's like we're roommates, not boyfriend and girlfriend. He doesn't hug me as much, kiss me as much, um . . ." She stopped herself before she divulged anything very personal to Wilson. "I think you get the idea."

Wilson: I don’t want to know about your lack of sex, Cameron…

House: Yes, you do.

Wilson considered what she said than asked, "Have you talk to him about this?"

Wilson: Did the English just get really bad all of a sudden?

"I've tried but I keep saying that it must be my hormones. Sometimes I think I'm imagining all this," She mused sadly. "But you know that he has a problem with fat people."

Cameron: Yeah, real matter-of-fact. Because that’s normal.

Chase: Especially when you consider that in this context, Cameron is the “fat” one.

"So I've heard," acknowledged Wilson than it clicked. "You think he's resenting you because you're bigger now?"

Cameron nodded. "I know it sounds awful but I know he still loves me. He's not so distant that I can't tell if he cares or not. He does."

House: Oh he loves you loads. Just not your fat rolls.

Cameron: But I love jelly rolls.

"You realize you keep going back and forth, right?"

"Come again?"

"First you say something that shows him in a bad light but then you back-track to protect him."

Wilson: This may indicate a possible loser of a boyfriend… just a guess.

Cameron: But I LOVE him! …Next on Maury.

The immunologist ran a nervous hand through her hair. "I guess I don't want him to seem like he's a jerk because he's not."

Cameron: Ladies and gentlemen… yes he is a jerk.

"I know he's not too but that doesn't mean he's without faults," Wilson corrected. "I think you're problem is you worry too much about other people.

Cuddy: I think your problem is spelling “you’re”.

House: A lot of people share that problem, sadly.

I've seen you be kind to patients, and listen to their problems, because you want to help. I'm not saying it's a bad quality, empathy and sympathy are rare nowadays, but you can't fix everybody. Chase has problems and you can't mend them for him. That's why you're frustrated.

Cameron: Sexually frustrated.

"Reminds me of my date with House. He said I liked damaged people and that's why I married my last husband," She recalled.

House: At this point, she only has one husband. So yeah, he’s the first and the last husband. Then again, given how much of an asshole Chase is being, maybe she should put her foot down and say that he will stay the last husband.

"Fixing everyone is a hard job especially when you're pregnant," Wilson said.

Wilson: And sometimes, fixing everyone is a hand job.

"Chase may not be as damaged as House but you're straining to try and repair him. Having him stay home more often could just be putting fuel on the fire. You need to have him get some help. From what I've heard from House, Chase's childhood wasn't great just because he was rich."

Wilson: Why do I even know these people’s business? Other than House, I really don’t care, to be completely honest.

"I don't even know much about when he was younger. I guess there's something he could be hiding that's causing him to act so weird . . . I just can't think of what."

House: I think it’s all explained by the fact that he is Australian.

"Maybe he had an obese family member who wasn't the greatest of people.

House: Just gonna jump in here with a “greatest” equals “fat” joke. Proceed.

Maybe his parents could have been health-nuts and forced him to do exercises, or limited his eating, just so he could stay fit," Wilson suggested.

Chase: I was forced to survive on lima beans alone.

Cameron: Tonight on Lifetime…

Cameron nodded thinking about how it was strong possibility. She knew little about Chase's childhood, and that was most likely because there was something dark in there . . . something that he was letting stir slowly inside causing him to act this way.

Cameron: So I’m having not one but two babies with this guy and I have no idea of anything about his background?

"I'm not sure how to make him attracted to me," Cameron said with immense insecurity. "Sometimes I think I'm not . . . pretty anymore."

Chase: Eat lima beans.

"Cameron, don't let this ruin your self-image. It's not unheard of men becoming cold when their wives are pregnant.

House: If Cuddy was pregnant, her ass would be even bigger. I’m all over that.

Cuddy: Down boy! We’re talking about pseudo-Chase, not about you and certainly not about my ass.

Chase is just in that stage right now. You have to ride it out," Wilson said hoping that this was getting through to her. He hated to see someone he cared for to be so downhearted.

Wilson: How has no one suggested the obvious of “break up with Chase and find someone who isn’t a complete and total dick bag”?

"What about you?" She asked curiously. "Do you find pregnant woman attractive? And don't say you do if you don't mean it."

"Actually, yes. I think a woman can be heavy and sexy," Wilson answered sincerely.

Cameron: Is “heavy” really the appropriate term? I mean, a pregnant person is not fat! “Fat” means overweight and when you’re pregnant you’re supposed to be in a completely different weight range…


"Do you . . . still think I'm . . . ?" Cameron couldn't finish her sentence because she began to feel as though she were stringing him along.

House: Fat? Yes… Yes I do.

Chase: No, that’s what I would be saying.

The oncologist opened his mouth to answer, considered something, than shut his mouth. When Cameron worried he was going to reject her he finally answered, "Yes I do. You're still as beautiful as ever. I waited so long because I wanted to make sure that Chase wasn't within a hearing distance."

Wilson: Because, what, I’m afraid Chase is going to beat me up?

House: Chase will judge you by your body shape.

Wilson: I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that bag of Doritos.

Cameron smiled getting out of the chair after getting the assurance she needed. "Thank you Wilson."

"Cameron I-"

"Call me Allison," she said before shutting the door behind her.

Wilson: She’s just going to have sex with me right here in my office?

House: At least you don’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

Wilson shook his head not so sure if it was a good thing if they kept talking to one another. He was never that good at controlling his sexual conduct . . . and the last thing he wanted to was to have a weak moment and do something both he and Cameron would be likely to regret.

Wilson: Because I’m just… a slut.

House: …Sounds about right, actually.

He doubted Cameron would make a move on him. Wilson remembered the story of her husband, falling for his best friend, and while she had an emotional affair she never acted on her feelings.

Wilson: Well, I assume her first husband didn’t constantly imply that she was fat, either.

House: That might have helped.

Atleast she has self-control, Wilson thought.

Wilson: I better watch out or it’s going to be one of those “boom, you just got pregnant” moments.

Cameron: That already happened…

"She obviously wants you."

Wilson: Yeah real obvious. We talked to each other, like, twice… I’m totally seeing all of our sexual chemistry… even in this story we’ve only talked twice.

"No. She wouldn't cheat on Chase."

Wilson: And she’s the only woman I’m NOT potentially sleeping with! Including certain patients.

"You'd like her to thought," House said jabbing his friend on his leg with his cane. "You want her to slip."

Cameron: What, am I in rehab? The 12-step program for not cheating on my asshole boyfriends with his colleagues?

"You aren't helping," seethed Wilson. He sunk down in his seat quietly eating his meal he had cooked in the morning - which looked disgusting - but was most likely heaven on a plate.

Wilson: Wait… are we at my house, or are we at work? Did I drive in with food I cooked in the morning? Do I do that?

"Have I ever led you to believe I would participate in this 'helping' you speak of?"

"Yes. Such a fool I am," Wilson scoffed. "Just don't send her to me if you need a consult. I know how you work. You'd do that just to mess with my head."

House: Well, if I had any hope of the case ever actually getting finished, I probably wouldn’t…

House raised a suspicious eyebrow. "How do you jump from 'Hey does this on the X-Ray look suspicious' to sex in the office? Just curious because I'd take advantage of that situation if I need to get laid."

Cameron: Shouldn’t I not be around X-ray machines if I’m pregnant? Isn’t that dangerous or something?

House: Unless you want your baby to glow in the dark.

"Thanks for sharing."

House: This was what rehab was like, actually.

"So . . . do you want me to send you Chase instead?" He inquired to trying to sound innocent. "Or will that lead to sex too?"

Wilson: Probably.

Chase: Nah, Wilson’s way too fat.

"Can you take anything seriously?" Wilson knew that was a far-out concept.

"Is anyone dying?"

"You wouldn't care even if someone was dying," Wilson pointed out. "Now all I ask of you is not to send her. For any reason."

House: What about when she develops anorexia because of Chase?

Wilson: I’m an oncologist.

House: That isn’t the point.

"Fine. Foreman it is. But you know what they say . . ." House smirked. "Once you go black you never go back."
Wilson decided to get smart with him and said thoughtfully, "So that's why you keep him around."

House: A tale of scandal – My Fellow is Black! Available in Technicolor.

"Go find Cameron and insert piece A into slot B, if you know what I mean. You're not fun anymore," House snapped, snapping a rubberband Wilson's way but narrowly missed.

Wilson: I’m just going to start singing Rubber Band Man now…

House: I would too, but I can’t remember how it goes.

"Can I feel your tummy?"
Penny, their current patient,

Cameron: And Nickel, the next patient in line.

asked as Foreman was readying her for a lumbar puncture. She was only eight and had never gotten too close to feel a pregnant woman's stomach.

Foreman: Well hopefully she hasn’t gotten “too” close to anybody.

Cameron was sitting at the head of the bed trying to keep her calm. The child's parents were currently out on some business. "Of course," she said. She let Penny touch her stomach and she seemed in awe.

"Does it hurt having a baby inside you?"

Cameron: No, but it hurts having an asshole boyfriend.

"I'm about to do it Penny. Can you stay still for me?" Foreman asked taking the needle out of it's sterile cap. After a nod he directed her to take a deep breath and not to move at all.

Foreman: Because it’s not like, difficult to make an eight year old stay totally still. Not like they usually move or anything.

Penny tried her hardest not to cry but ended up weeping. Cameron started comforting the child with promises of sweets afterwards. She could see the pain starting to fade away in the girl's big blue orbs.

House: How come I never get sweets after I’m in pain?

Wilson: You just make me buy you food instead.

Cameron smiled thinking about her own child to come. She couldn't wait to have a beautiful child of her own.

Foreman: To jab needles into.

There were so many people waiting on her - Her parents, Wilson, Foreman, Cuddy, House, the entire nursing staff, and most importantly Chase . . . although he seemed more stressed and irritable than her.
Why though?

Chase: Hasn’t this been established? Because you’re a heffer!
"Are you staying home tonight?" asked Cameron curtly as they were leaving the hospital together.

Cameron: Meerkat Manor is on.

"I need to go relieve some stress," He snapped heatedly.

Chase: I just purchased the Shakeweight.

"And I need you at home," she said with the same fierceness.

"If I go out for a few hours you'll be okay, won't you?" He questioned. Chase sounded concerned for a moment.

Cameron: No, I’m going to become more pregnant while you’re away.

Chase: Holy shit! No!

"I'm willing to compromise," Cameron replied coolly. She vainly hoped her calm attitude would be contagious but Chase didn't budge from his emotional stance of irritation.

Chase: I’m going to rip myself in half like Rumplestiltskin and leave half of myself at home.

He stopped outside the drivers door looking over the car to Cameron. "I need to relieve some stress, Allison," He repeated but more miffed.

Cameron: Go relieve yourself.

"And you think I don't?" She retorted.

Chase was going to snap back but held his tongue. He knew that he would say something he would regret very much if he spoke his mind.

Chase: Go eat some beef you heffer!

Cameron: Go kill some dictators you…

Wordlessly, he got into the car and started it. After getting in Cameron tried to hold his hand but he refused to.

Cameron: I wanna hold your haaaaaand, I wanna hold your hand…

"Chase! What is wrong with you?" Cameron cried out.

"Allison, please, just drop-"

Chase: Twenty pounds!

"You never talk to me anymore. It always seems like you're somewhere else mentally," She cut in. "You never hold me anymore either. I'm carrying your child, Chase, and you don't seem to care."

Chase: That’s right I don’t.

"Of course I care! Don't ever imply that I don't!" He snapped back severely. "I will always care for that child."

Chase: Unless the kid is chubby. Then I’m going out for milk and never coming back.

Cameron whispered, although she feared to ask, "What about me?"

Chase: Not you. You have cooties.

"Allison . . ." Chase said sympathetically. He unstrapped his seat belt and reached out to give her a kiss but it was her this time refusing contact. "What?"

Cameron: Who would reject that suave advance?

"Kiss me when you mean it," She said sounding more composed. "You're only kissing me now out of pity. I'm not that pathetic to let you do that so I'll feel comforted for the time being. I'd rather wait until you're ready. You need to deal with whatever problems are making you so . . ." Cameron paused searching for a fit word, ". . . apathetic."

Chase: But why didn’t I have any of these problems when you were pregnant before?

Cameron: Apparently he didn’t notice.

"I'm trying to figure what those problems are," Chase admitted slowly. "I do know that I'd give anything to have Cecelia right now. Kids always cheer me up."

Chase: Except for the fat girl in Season 1.

Cameron: *eats some chocolate*

Chase: Or that other chubby girl who ended up being the biological mother of Cuddy’s adopted kid.

Cameron: *eats a pizza*

"Do you still want to go out?"

Chase started pulling out of the hospital parking lot. He didn't utter a word until they were on the road.

Chase: That awkward moment when your girlfriend confronts you for being a total asshole.

"I want to, yeah, but I shouldn't. So . . . I won't."

Chase: Apparently, I do serious talks really well.

"Am I that repulsive that you want to still leave?" She asked adamantly.

"You are not repulsive. Do not ever think that! I love you, I do! You are a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman who I am lucky to have," Chase said. He wanted to get that across first of all even if he had to repeat it a hundred times. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled but I don't like fat people for a reason. I know you're pregnant, it's not your fault, and all that. I just can't see past your stomach. I'm sorry."

Chase: Did I just say it’s not your fault that you’re fat because you’re pregnant?

Cameron: Can we also establish that regular overweight and pregnant people don’t even look the same? You can usually clearly tell when somebody is pregnant.

Chase: For instance, if the person is a man, they’re just overweight. Unless it’s the pregnant man.

Cameron probed not-so-subtly, "I would really like to know why. I always have. You've always been so passionate that I knew it was beyond plain prejudice."


"I'm not in a good mood so maybe we can discuss it some other time?" Chase suggested hoping to dodge the bullet.


"I need to know," Cameron said with demand. "I want to know what could make you so angry that you could look at me and be unable to see me anymore."

Cameron: Why would I ever entertain this relationship?!??! It’s not like there’s no one else attracted to me! Even if there wasn’t I would rather live alone on that island Marlon Brando bought!

"Wait until we get home atleast."

Cameron: So I can pack my shit and leave? Or pack your shit and kick you out?

Chase: Now if Carrie Underwood had done all that stuff to the guy’s car in response to this, she might have been more justified.

Cameron decided to settle for atleast that much. Except when they arrived home it seemed to be forgotten. Chase vacuumed almost every room - a sign he was very nervous, since cleaning calmed his nerves - and mopped the bathroom. Cameron made dinner, they ate, and Chase immediately went back to cleaning.

Cameron: Good, my house is nice and clean for when I kick you the hell out! … I’m not going to kick him out, am I?

He still avoided the nursery.

Chase: If it’s this big a deal why didn’t I suggest adoption or something?

Cameron: If it’s this big a deal your shit is on the porch in garbage bags.

Chase was finally done at 9:00 - two hours straight of scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, and washing. He went to the kitchen to get a quick glass of grape juice before settling on the couch with Cameron. He figured that he should try to get close to her, despite his personal discomfort, because she was still the same bright personality that he came to know and love.

Chase: I’m really making such an effort here.

She wasn't there though. Chase was going to sit down and wait for her but something told him to look elsewhere.

Chase: She’s in the armory, loading the shotgun.

He walked to the hall to have a look and noticed that the nursery door was opened a couple inches.
When he approached the room he expected to hear sobbing. When she ventured in there she always left a few minutes later, wiping at her wet eyes, trying to hold back the pain of overwhelming loss.

Cameron: And my overwhelming fat, apparently.

"Cameron?" He whispered. He did so because on one occasion she fell asleep in the rocking chair next to the crib.

Cameron: So I guess he’s hoping that I fell asleep so he doesn’t have to talk to me.

This time she was at the bulletin board placing various pictures up with tacks. There were a few of her and Chase, one of Cameron's parents, and double's of Cecelia's first and last pictures. The originals were framed on their nightstand in their room.

Chase: …Wouldn’t it be kind of creepy for this kid to grow up seeing pictures of his or her dead sister? I mean, I think that’s a conversation to have later in life.

Cameron: It’s going to get all My Sweet Audrina.

"Do you need more pictures? I can go find more photo albums," Chase offered coming up beside her to look at the pictures.

Chase: By which I mean, I have porn.

"No. I want to save some room for our newborns pictures. I can't wait!" She smiled pleasingly.

"Or we could buy a bigger bulletin board."

"Do you want to put a picture of your parents up here?" hesitantly asked Cameron.

House: And dickily replied Chase, no doubt.

She expected a somber expression to come on his face, which normally happened when they were mentioned, but he shook his head. "I know you aren't happy with them but I think it would be important to have all the grandparents up there."

Chase: “Kids, here’s your asshole grandparents.”

Cameron had placed it above the crib so when the baby looked up he/she would see his/her parents and grandparents.

Chase said nothing. He dug into his pockets, pulled out his wallet, and started looking through all of the compartments. For what Cameron wasn't sure. Maybe he decided it would be alright to put a picture of his parents up there? Probably not. Chase seemed bent on tearing himself away from Rowan's image and hardly ever spoke of his mother. She must have been a horrible alcoholic to leave Chase so full of fury.

Wilson: As opposed to a pretty okay alcoholic.

Chase: Or a jolly good alcoholic.

He took out a wallet-sized picture and handed it to Cameron so she could study it. It was a woman, looking around 35, and she had a brilliant smile and bright blue eyes.

Chase: And she was naked. Whoops! That was my porn collection. Sorry Cam.

She was a small woman with flowing brunette hair waving behind her back. She was sitting on a log holding a cigarette in one hand and a hot dog in the other.

Cameron: Okay, I don’t smoke, but somehow that seems like a recipe for trouble.

Chase was sitting next to her - he looked about 12 or so - with a grin on his face.

Chase: It was actually just the hot dog. I was hungry.

"That's my Aunt Lillian, on my mother's side. She used to take me camping all of the time when Mom and Dad were too busy to bother with me," Chase explained. "She was the ultimate Aunt - caring, would spoil me, and became what I needed most - a stable, consistent adult."

Cameron: And she did so not exist in canon.

"You've never mentioned her before," commented Cameron after handing the picture back.

Chase: I kind of forgot she existed until it was plot-relevent.

"That's because I don't talk to her now," Chase said simply. "She's in a half-way home. She's so damn fat she can't even take care of herself.."

House: Are there actually halfway homes for obesity? Is that a thing?

Wilson: I mean, if you’re that bad off they probably can’t fit that many of them into one halfway house. What? I mean, like, the thousand pound man on Discovery Health. He would have a halfway house all to himself.

Cameron: He’d need an all-the-way house… House.

Clemency burst inside of Cameron. "What? How?"

Cameron: That was very impolite of Clemency. He only lasted like thirty seconds.

Ignoring that he said, "I hold onto the good memories because when things went bad, they really went bad."

House: Good memories gone bad. Wasn’t that a Rihanna album?

Cameron frowned in confusion. "Can you tell me or . . . ?"

"She didn't always look this way," He waved the picture a bit. "As her mind deteriorated so did her body. Lillian let herself go, eating in vast amounts, and sometimes puking in the bathroom to make room for more. I'm not sure what hole she was trying to fill. Maybe the one my Mom made. She used to be a nice 140 but jumped up to 300.

Cameron: Wait, let me step in here. I’m like, at most 120. So if I gained 20 pounds I’d be 140. His aunt was a nice 140 but I’m a fat 140? How does that work exactly?

Chase: Also do people really do that? Puke to make room for more? I mean, I thought that was a Roman thing.

"She was taking care of me since Mom was always plastered. After Dad left, Mom fell apart. Lillian was great for a year but I realized that she was crumbling inside. As she got larger her attitude started to change. Suddenly she didn't care about me anymore. I was a nuisance, a brat. She told me often to stay in my room when I got home from school so she didn't see me.

Cameron: She thought you were going to try and eat all of the cheese curls.

House: She turned into The Trunchbull. She caught Chase eating her cake.

"I guess She couldn't handle watching her only sister die slowly through alcohol poisoning," Chase said, cold, as though he were trying to disconnect himself from the events. "I didn't want to be alone. So when she had an emotional breakdown I begged her to stay."

Cameron: I thought she was the only person taking care of Chase. So did he really have much of a choice? Otherwise he’d be in foster care.

House: Then he’d be Kutner.

Cameron knew that he was telling her the reason for his resentment. She reached out to hold his hands in hers to let him know that she was listening.

"I don't know why I asked her to stay even. I hated her by the time she wanted to leave. I guess I didn't want to loose what little parentage I had left. When I did ask Lillian went into a rage," Chase recalled. "She was so big I couldn't stop her. Lillian used her massive weight against me. She sat on me and started to beat me. I was defenseless against all of that weight . . ."

House: ……………………………………………………………..

Wilson: …………………………..

Chase: I got nothin.

Sensing the strain in his voice she said, "Chase you don't-"

"You wanted to hear it so you are going to hear it," He reminded than went on. "She did stay but made my life a living hell. My Mom was too drunk to pay attention so Lillian did as she pleased. She'd give me rotten food for dinner than lock the refrigerator and hide the key. More than once she sent me to school with clothes she poured spoiled milk on to embarrass me. It worked it's job too. Lillian would lock me in my room and sit outside of the door, reciting poetry she wrote about me, most about some pretty sick things, I won't even go into that . . . but I could tell that if I didn't get out soon that she would be capable of worse things than just beating me."

House: ….I… What?

Wilson: She would pour spoiled milk on his clothes? Really?

Cameron: This seems kind of like something that would happen in a V.C. Andrews book, except… not.

Cuddy: Maybe one of the ones by the fake V.C. Andrews. There was the character who got lit on fire because she looked “too white”.

"Chase, I'm sorry I asked," Cameron said becoming more emotional as he talked of his abuse at the hands of his once loving Aunt. "I understand now. Really."

Cameron: No I don’t! You think I’m fat because your aunt was crazy? Get over that shit!

"I think I should finish because I need you to get the whole picture," Chase pushed forward to continue his story. "It didn't last that long. Two months was her reign of terror because my Mom died from alcohol poisoning. Lillian was declared unstable after I told the cops about her insanity. She admitted to everything but never apologized for it. She did say I deserved it. The last thing I remember was her arguing with the cops to use three sets of handcuffs because she was too fat for just one."

Wilson: I’m done. I’m outta here.

House: I’m picturing the guy from Que Sera, Sera.

Cameron asked, "Why do you still have her picture?"

Wilson: Masturbation.

House: Bad Wilson.

Considering that question he stood there for a minute looking at the thin face of who his Aunt used to be. He remembered when that picture was taken - it was his first camping trip that didn't include his parents. Chase had been so happy that he hadn't thought about running through the woods at such a fast past, out of pure excitement, then fate decided to be cruel and he received a stray branch to the face. Lillian had giggled, and at first he was embarrassed, but when she cleaned out the small cut with peroxide, telling him funny jokes so he wouldn't feel the sting, and put on a Band-Aid was he knew that he would always love her.

Chase: Unless she got fat and evil.

Cameron: Shouldn’t have stood between me and that pepperoni pizza. Deep dish.

"I miss who she was is all. I guess I can understand her psychosis - after dealing with Mom for so long I thought I'd shoot someone," He said with a humorless smile. Chase sounded bitter but held back the worst of it. "Just that now, whenever I see someone big I think of her. I hate what she did to me."

"You're not going to put her on the board, right?" Cameron asked.

"I shouldn't," was all he said and put it back into his wallet.

Wilson: ….That’s all you have to say Cameron? To not put her on the board?

"You shouldn't have that picture either," She said with tenacity. "She's the reason why you spew hate about obese people. They don't deserve it, Chase, and I don't either."

Cameron: Jeez, finally I grew a spine. Where the hell was this 77 pages ago?

"I've never spewed hate to you," He said solemnly.

Cameron: Last 77 pages Buckaroo!

"I can tell you want to. It's in your eyes," argued Cameron. "You want to see me but you see Lillian. Everytime someone overweight comes along she comes back to haunt you, right?"


"I'm sorry," Cameron said digging her head into his chest. She hugged him not caring that Chase fidgeted under the touch of her belly. "I'm sorry you were hurt."

Cameron: Jeez I’m sorry you don’t want a hug from me because I’m Fatty McGee. Guess what I’m carrying your baby asshole.

"It's in the past. I only brought it up for you to understand that it's not you, it's her. It's me."
With a serious look in her eyes she stared up into his searching for something. She wasn't sure what he was feeling. Chase was a master at controlling his emotions except when it came to some form of frustration. Cameron could see that there was pain still festering as he thought of all the things he went through during those two months of constant hardship and humiliation.

Cameron: Yeah festering is right. Oh also, TWO MONTHS?! Kutner’s parents GOT SHOT IN FRONT OF HIM and he doesn’t act like this.

House: They weren’t shot by fat people though.

Cameron: We don’t know that.

No wonder he's distant. If I remind him of Lillian, even if it's only my weight, I can't blame him, Cameron thought wishing she could take back all of her hasty judgment. Out of loneliness she had sought the worst of circumstances to keep her company when Chase didn't need persecution - he needed understanding.

Cameron: I’m going to throw my head against something. I’m seriously going to put up with this? This needs to be a PSA for how not to respond to verbal abuse.

Something popped into her head and she asked, "Do you want to get some couple's counseling?"

"Allison, no," Chase immediately denied. "We don't need counselors. We're fine."

Cameron: All right then, I’ll be in the pantry eating ten burgers.

"Oh? And I suppose these last few months haven't taught you that we're in trouble?"

"I'll admit that we might need help with Cecelia . . ."

"Anyone who was abused needs help."

"Were you abused?"

"No but that's not-"

"Than we don't need couple's counseling," He said and added more calmly, "But don't worry about me. I'm doing fine. I've put the past behind me."

"Except you see Lillian in every fat person you see, yeah, that's not a problem," Cameron said sarcastically.

Cameron: And the spine reappears! But honestly I would have left months ago. Forget this shit.

"Maybe I'm not over it but it's been years. I'll feel like a moron bringing up things from over ten years ago."

"There are adults who have been abused thirty years ago and still seek help!" Cameron debated with him.

Chase let out a sigh. "Look, counseling works for some people. Not me. Can we just go to bed already? It's almost ten."

Chase: I’m afraid the counselor will be fat.

Cameron: He’ll go in there and tell her she could stand to lose twenty pounds.

Cameron thought for a moment he was going to kiss her but instead he turned away. She was disappointed of course but maybe he could work through this on his own.

I doubt it, Cameron began to dispute with herself in her mind. But I'll keep a close eye on him just in case. He may think he doesn't need support but. . . .

When they crawled into bed Cameron felt arms wrap around her expanded waistline - Chase's. He let his body press up against hers and laid delicate kisses on her neck.

"I love you," He said.

"I love you too." Cameron rolled over to meet with his lips, feeling the passion that had been gone long ago, and she felt at peace once again.


Wilson: And next week, when Cameron has stopped hyperventilating….

I hope that you review! It'll only take a moment to give me reassurance! Anyway . . .
So now you know. I know he doesn't like obese people, and she is obviously not going to turn obese, but he doesn't like fat in any sense. And let me tell you some pregnant ladies get BIG.
Lillian ruined it for all of the full-figured ladies out there.

House: Just gonna say, when Jennifer Morrison was pregnant on Once Upon a Time, she was still… Jennifer Morrison sized. Which is tiny.

Wilson: Yeah I’m not buying Cameron as fat, ever.

House: Next time, we examine… other stuff, and see if Chase continues to hate fat people.

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I laughed my ass off while reading this. So, therefore, I am less fat, so Chase won't recoil in horror if I come near him.

Keep going because this is just too hysterical!

Now I want the whole cast to do this (in character) with some of the episodes.
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there should have been an ep where Wilson had a patient with multiple personalities, that would have been more interesting than this awful fic.
"You'd like her to thought"?? what?
" looked disgusting - but was most likely heaven on a plate." huh??
I don't think even Cameron would put up with some bratty little kid wanting to touch her pregnant stomach.
this fic is god awful and everyone's OOC and you're brave to MST it.
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Haha thank you! Yeah, the first time I read it I was skimming and then I got to this chapter and went WTF????!