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28 February 2014 @ 12:42 pm
Chase Hates Fat People, Chapter Six  
TW: Non-con sexual touching and attempted further non-con (think Maggie and the Governor on Walking Dead).

In the grass at Union Square
I touched your face, pushed back your hair
And said, "The days go by oh so slow."

House: And we’re back, with Copyright Infringement 101.

Cameron: The days go by oh so slow. I say this in the middle of conversation all the time.


Chase woke up the next morning and was gazing in awe at Cameron's angelic features as she slept.

Chase: *hums the theme to “Angel”*

He couldn't believe that he had refused her in these last few months. He had let Lillian damage more of his life than she already had. With renewed vigor he told himself that he wouldn't allow his Aunt to take anymore of his life away from him.

Cameron: Like I want to have sex with you anymore? You’re dreaming, bud.

Cameron deserves better than that, he thought as he made his way to the shower.

Cameron: The truest statement in this entire story so far.

He came out to the welcomed scent of bacon and eggs frying in the kitchen. Chase went in there, gave her a good morning kiss, and sat down at the kitchen table to wait for her.

Cameron: And I cook for you! Why do I cook for you?!

Chase: Allison… Let’s cook. ALLISON!

"Do you want to think of new girl names?" Chase asked.

Cameron: No, not really.

Cameron gave him a confused stare. "I thought you said you didn't want to until you were sure of the gender."

"I think we should pick a new boy name too," He suggested as he took a plate of sizzling bacon and scrambled eggs from his sweetheart. "Thanks, Alley."

Cameron: How about Chase is a Dumbass Chase?

Cameron sat down to eat and said, "I thought you really liked the name Trenton. You did pick it out, after all."

Chase: I’m still saying, no one in New Jersey would name their kid Trenton or Camden.

"I thought it would be better to pick new names. You know, since we're starting over."

House: Because this makes sense. Let’s turn over a new leaf by… picking different names for our kid.

Cuddy: Let’s rename Rachel Marigold.

"Well . . . I have always liked the boy name Brandon."

"That's a good name too. I was thinking about Daniel or Ash."

Chase: Ash. Housewares.

"Ash is cute," Cameron agreed with a smile. "Short for Ashton. Yeah. That's a really good one. We should stick with it."

Cameron: No, not Ash as in Ashton! Ash as in Ashley.

Chase: Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart.

House: This is my boomstick!

Wilson: Swallow this!

House: This may have gone on too long.

Chase nodded in agreement. He was glad that this baby-naming process was taking shorter time than the last pregnancy - it took them atleast three months to agree on Cecelia and Trenton. "What about a girl?"

Cameron: Or About a Boy? That was a great movie.

After a moment Cameron put forth the name, "Isabella."

Chase took immediate liking to it. "I just hope that our girl is girly enough for that name. Imagine a tomboy named Isabella."

House: She would probably be into vampires. Or werewolves. Depends on the situation.

"I don't think so," Cameron chuckled.

Ashton and Isabella were the new names and the parents never felt better about them.

Chase: So it was all downhill from there?

Cecelia would never be forgotten but these were new times that would hopefully sink the dreadfull memories of the past to their subconscious.

House: Unless their subconscious decided to date Christian Grey. Then they would show up a pretty good amount of the time and do various actions.

At her sixth month of pregnancy it was still unclear what the gender of the baby was. They were disappointed but excited about the idea of a surprise. Chase joked about a hermaphrodite baby, so they could choose which sex it was, but Cameron only rolled her eyes.

Cameron: Isn’t “hermaphrodite” offensive? Isn’t it “intersex” now?

Chase: And as doctors, I figure that we would know that?

During that time Cameron noticed Wilson's avoidance of her. She understood that he didn't want the tension that would tend to come around whenever they were around eachother.

Wilson: And the wild wooly pregnant sex we would have to have.

Cameron: Because oncologists just get me really hot.

The fact that they were attracted to one another should have been a signal for Cameron to stay away but she enjoyed Wilson's friendship. House had made remarks about being a teasing minx and that she couldn't use Jewish foreplay - the one of four hours of begging- on Wilson, of Jewish religion, since she wasn't Jewish, but she shrugged them off. Atleast House didn't say it in front of Chase.

Cameron: I actually am Jewish, secretly.

Wilson: Now THAT was the twist no one saw coming!

Cameron decided that she shouldn't chance it either. Things were going good with Chase and if he was having a bad day, then saw them together, he might dream up something about her cheating on him.

Cameron: So my boyfriend is still a crazy psycho…

House: *buries Cameron in pamphlets*

It was odd to think of it that way, she should be able to have any friend she wanted to, but for the sake of Chase she would try to stay away.

"Our patient's out of surgery," said Cameron, opening House's door to inform him.

House: Inform the door? *looks at the door* Why hello there.

"I'll tell him when he gets here. He ran out when I told him Cuddy was looking for him," Wilson explained the other doctor's absence. "Hi Allison."

Wilson: Hello Allison, I wanna hold your hand, I haven’t been the same man since I saw you comin’ in, let’s have a toast to the girl in Aisle 10…

"Does this mean I can call you James?" She asked coming into the room with a smile.
"Why not?" He agreed uneasily.

Wilson: It starts with the first names and then she gets pregnant… oh wait…

Although she had promised herself not to talk in length with Wilson she broke that vow. "Alright, James, I'd like to know why you've been evading me with your best efforts."

House: Sounds more like Cameron should be talking in width! Cause she’s fat… get it?

Deciding that the truth would atleast get them somewhere he admitted, "I don't want us to . . . make a mistake."

"I would never cheat on Chase," Cameron said firmly. She stood next to Wilson, looking him in the eyes. "You should know that."

Wilson: Because we know each other so well.

"But as for emotions, well those little buggers don't have boundaries."

"I agree," said Cameron. She held out her hand for a shake. "Can we agree to a truce?"

House: Games Without Frontiers! War without tears.

"What kind of truce?"

"To remaining good friends. I don't want to ruin a good friendship over some feelings of attraction, no matter how strong or weak they are," Cameron insisted the handshake after bringing it forth once again but closer to his own hand. "Agreed?"

Wilson: Well, I feel like feelings of weak attraction wouldn’t really affect a friendship at all.

Cameron: Eh… You’re okay to look at.

House: Yeah… You are too. I don’t find you hideous.

Wilson shook her hand. "Have you worked things out with Chase?"

"Things are doing fine now. I haven't gotten the chance to thank you."

"For what?"

"When I was stressed and needed someone to talk to, you were there," She reminded him. "And I did find out what was wrong with Chase. He's coming back to me bit by bit."

House: However, he still thinks you’re a fatass and wants to name your baby after a Twilight character.

"That's good to hear," Wilson said sincerely.

"Did you hear about the new names?"

"Ashton and Isabella. I heard them through House," He said. "Cute names too."

House: Why do I know these names? I barely knew Cuddy’s kid’s name and I was actually over there on a regular basis.


"You two better not be having sex on my desk!" reprimanded House coming into his office with Cuddy trailing behind him. "If you are going to atleast clean up after yourself. And if any Vicodin pills go missing during your relations I demand permission to do cavity searches."

Cameron: Do people often pop Vicodin while having sex?

House: I do, but only during S&M.

"House, shutup," groaned Wilson while shaking his head.

House: I read that as “groaned Wilson while giving head.”

Wilson: You wish.

"He shouldn't be wasting his words here. He has another clinic patient to take care of," Cuddy informed the other two in the room.

"I refuse to look at another infected scrotum as long as I live, woman! What part don't you get?" House said as though it were an oath he swore to obey. "Have Cameron do it."

Cameron: Yes. I would love an infected scrotum.

Chase: They make great gifts for friends and family.

Cameron gave him a bitter smirk. "Thanks so much but I'll have to pass that up."

"We have a patient to take care of anyway," House said waving a file at Cuddy. "Thirty two year old male with temporary psychosis, vomiting, migraines, and fever. Remember him? Had him since yesterday and I don't think he's doing so hot."

Cuddy: That just sounds like a really bad migraine.

Cameron: Yeah, I don’t understand why we even took this case.

"I'm sure your team can handle it. Now go back to exam room 3 before I bring the infected scrotum to you," Cuddy said as a threat than marched out, silently reminding herself to buy a stress ball or four on her way from work.

Cuddy: Just the scrotum? Independent of its owner?

"She's just warming up so she can go do her night job as a dominatrix," House said to his one employee and friend. "Where's Goldilocks and the Dark One?"

House: I wish Cuddy was really a dominatrix in this story. It’d be so much more interesting.

"Checking the urine for toxins. He refused to pee in a cup before today and has been drinking large amounts of water, so we're sure he has something in him," Cameron informed him of their whereabouts. "I think you should go back to the exam room, House. I don't think Cuddy was joking about bringing him back to you."

Cameron: And we bring everyone back to this dazzling production of Urinetown…

"What made you think that?" asked House sarcastically. He turned to Wilson, "I'll give you twenty bucks to go do it for me."



"Fifty or it's no deal."’

Cuddy: And if it’s Howie Mandel, it’s Deal or No Deal.

"Fine," House dug out a fifty from his wallet and handed it to Wilson. "Now go have fun. Don't rush yourself. I hear the guy is bisexual so he might like you."

As soon as Wilson was gone House set his sights on Cameron. "So? You two have any fun yet or are you still with Chase?"

House: Why do I care whether or not Wilson is going to sleep with Cameron? She isn’t even his type. Amber was his type, and Amber was also basically a female version of me. Cameron… is not.

Cameron scoffed at the idea. "I'm not going to do it House. I refuse to be your soap opera for the day."

Wilson: Your rock opera, on the other hand…

House: TOO MUCH HEAVEN ON THEIR MINDS! And they’ll crush us if we go too far… if we go… TOOOO FARRRRR!

"But pregnant women are supposed to cause drama," argued the diagnostician as he popped a Vicodin. "Atleast that's what all the comics of today are saying."

House: Why does “at least” keep appearing as all one word?

Wilson: Also, comics as in like… the funny pages? Or stand up comedians?

"I'm going to go see the patient to get a more extensive family history. He was out of control yesterday with his psychotic episodes but with some sedatives in his system he should be alright to answer questions."
"Go ahead. Just watch out. Wilson might try to drag you into the janitor's closet."

Cameron: He had been saying something about wondering where the Fabulouso went…

Again, Cameron ignored him knowing he was only trying to push her buttons, and left to check on the patient.
When she arrived at his room she saw that Chase and Foreman must have already left. Cameron was the only one besides Oscar in the room.

House: I diagnosed him as liking trash.

Wilson: Personality wise you guys are very similar.

The shades were closed in the window and the shades covering glass panels looking into the patient's room were also drawn, since Oscar had several migraines.

House: When one migraine won’t do!

She checked his vitals, since he was asleep.

Cameron: If he was awake, I’d just assume he was alive.

House: Now if this was a Walking Dead fic…

"Oscar? Are you awake?" Cameron asked softly trying to stir him from his sleep. "I need to ask you about your family."

Cameron: I thought we established last sentence that he was asleep.

"Go away," He groaned rolling to face away his doctor.

Cameron: He got up and moved me away.

House: He thinks you’re fat too.

"We need to find out what is wrong with you. Maybe there's something in your history that could help us figure this out. How is your mother's health?"

"I said leave me alone," Oscar repeated many times as Cameron tried in vain to coax him into telling her information. "You're not my mother. You can't tell me what to do lady. And you better tell the doctors to give me more morphine."

House: How old is this guy again? If he’s older than ten, “You’re not my mother” is intensely creepy.

Cameron: This just became a crossover with Bates Motel.

"Are you in pain?"

"If I have to break my arm to get morphine, I will," threatened Oscar with all sincerity. He rolled over to face Cameron with his bloodshot eyes. "I want some morphine."

House: Next episode, I come in here and steal his morphine.

Chase: Please do, this guy is a pain in the ass.

Cameron let out a sigh. "I need you to tell me-"

"I need some more morphine! What's wrong with you, huh? Letting me suffer?"

"We know you're a drug-addict, Oscar. We've been giving you Vicodin, which should take care of it, but I don't believe your migraines are as bad as you say. I don't even know what nurse who gave you morphine this morning was thinking. I'm sorry she confused you," Cameron sternly voiced.

Cameron: Aren’t Vicodin and morphine basically the same thing? They’re both opiates. Wouldn’t you not give an opiate addict either of those?

House: Not necessarily, *downs bottle of Vicodin*

Wilson: You’re not exactly impartial, House.

"I don't care what you nurses think! I need morphine!" Oscar snarled. It was as though he were trying to intimidate her since he was two times her size, even with her large stomach.

Cameron: I don’t get why we need to keep reminding everyone that my stomach is big. I mean, I’m pregnant. It should sort of go without saying.

"I already told you, unless you're in pain-"

"You want me to be in pain?" He snapped angrily.

"I didn't say that."

"I don't listen to some pregnant whore. Who's the father, huh? Some one-night stand in a bathroom stall?" Oscar taunted in a harsh whisper. "Or are you some incestuous freak?"

Cameron: Speaking of Bates Motel…

Chase: You caught her. It was a one-night stand in a bathroom stall. I just… I like bathrooms. Don’t judge me.

Cameron remained calm, trying not to let his ugly words get to her. "If you don't want to answer my questions, fine, but if you would feel more comfortable talking to another male I could let one of my colleague's talk to you."

House: Sorry, I can’t. I’m pregnant too.

"I want to talk to your boyfriend so I can ask if he's in a sharing mood. Ha ha!" He laughed in her face. After calming himself down he added, "I'm sorry. Don't look angry little girl."

Looking stiff from containing her frustration, Cameron said, "If you want to talk to someone later tell a nurse."


As she turned on her heel Oscar grabbed her forearm to keep her back. He swung his legs over the bed and tried to put on a smile. "Wait, wait, wait. I'll talk."

Cameron: Jeepers creepers where’d we get these creepers?

Cameron took in a deep breath telling herself that she would always get patients that weren't raised to respect others. She tried to pull out of his grasp but it only resulted in a tighter grip.

"Let go."

"What? Don't like it rough?"

"If you don't I will be forced to yell for nurses to restrain you."

"I may not be a handy man, but that can be easily fixed," He chirped all too kindly.

Cameron: ….Huh?

House: Yeah, I don’t get it.

Chase: Is that handyman, like, I need someone to fix my sink? Or like… handy… man, like “you’re all hands today.”

Cameron: Hell if I know.

Before Cameron could re-act there was a hand over her mouth, pulling her onto his lap where she squirmed to get away, while his other hand gently massaged her stomach. She squeezed her eyes shut hoping that someone would come in to check on them. Cameron considered biting his hand to get away but he sent chills down her spine when he finally decided to speak.

"If you don't do what I say to do, little girl, I swear to God I'll punch you right in your gut. It'd be a shame to lose the baby after all of these months, hmmm?"

House: …….When did this become noncon?

Wilson: Send in the noncon…

House: Which Word corrects to “noncom”. I don’t know what that means. Non communicative?

That threat struck the very tender nerve in Cameron that nearly brought tears to her eyes just contemplating loosing another child.

House: You wouldn’t have to loose them if you hadn’t tied them up so tightly…

Any pregnant woman would fear about having a miscarriage, or a complication, but since she had already lost her precious Cecelia, the menace of that happening again . . . Then again, surely she couldn't sit there and take whatever he was going to do.

Wilson: More lead up to noncon… I assume? Was there a warning?

House: Not that I know of.

Why is this happening? Ugh, I think I'm going to puke.

Wilson: Not particular well-written or realistic noncon. This seems to kind of sum of the thought process to “ew”.

House: Also if this guy is sick enough to be in the hospital, does he have the strength to do all of this?

"Stop squirming. You're going to make my IV rip out of my hand," hissed Oscar. When his hand squeezed her stomach she stopped cold. "Atleast I know how to control you now. What, did you lose a kid? Do you have a baby rotting in the ground somewhere?"

House: ……..Really? Really?

Wilson: ….How would he jump to that conclusion? What is he super-ESP rapist or something?

House: This is what would have happened if Professor Trelawney took an extremely wrong turn somewhere.

I need to get out of this before he decides to do more than just taunt me.

House: Or we could have more italicized dialogue…

Cameron was sneaking a hand to the emergency call button placed on the side of the bed to get some nurses in here. Oscar noticed and moved his hand from her mouth to the front of her throat, clutching in just enough to hurt but not to block her airway, and she shivered with his hot breath rolling down her quivering neck. Cameron brought her hands up to claw at his hand but he didn't release his vice grip.

Wilson: Now he’s CHOKING her? How long has this scene gone on so far?

House: The door to this room is presumably open too?

"I told you not to do anything," He said dully. He tapped her stomach a few times to get across that he was serious about his earlier threat. "I'll hit harder next time."

Wilson: But wouldn’t he have to let go of her to easily punch her? Or at least let go of her throat? Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t regularly choke pregnant women.

"What do you want?" Cameron croaked from the strain on her neck. "I'll get you morphine if that's what you're after."

"No! I think you need to be taught a lesson, little girl, that you are no better than me just because you went to college. You think you're better than anyone else you damn-"

Wilson: And now he’s become the male version of Pennsetucky?

"Look, Oscar, you don't want to do this. If you assault me in any way I will go to the police-"

Cameron: Uh… This dialogue. This dialogue. That’s all I’m going to say. When you are struggling with a rapist you probably don’t sound like a legal brief. It’s probably more “Let me go asshole!”

"Shutup, rat fink!" He shook her violently and threw her to the floor. Cameron made sure to leave her hands out letting them take most of the weight, but her stomach was too far out not to hit and quake from the crash. She rolled over to find Oscar ripping off his clothes, and tearing his IV out, with a sick smile on his face. "I'll teach you doctors to mess with my head!"

House: Didn’t he not want to get his IV ripped out a second ago?

Cameron: This is also a very negative representation of heroin addicts.

House: Yeah, Trainspotting this is not. This guy is more like Begbie, and Begbie just drank all the time.

Cameron quickly moved and hit the emergency button, and she could hear the beeping at the front desk down the hall. She screamed as Oscar jumped on her, trying to rip open her blouse, smacking her in the face several times trying to get Cameron to cooperate. She tried to cover her stomach but in his frenzy he had forgotten all about her pregnant belly. He leaned on it for support making her worry about the pressure. She barely even registered that he had opened her shirt and was trying to massage her breasts.

House: ……………..ew.

Cameron: Why?

Chase: Why was this necessary?

Oscar kept trying to kiss her but she clawed at him while trying to wiggle from underneath his weight. Cameron was sure that he would end up with a few good scratches from her nails.

"Help! Nurse!" Cameron yelled when three nurses came running into the room.

House: The most oblivious nurses on Earth.

It seemed as though she had waited forever for them to come.

Chase: Yeah, seemed like forever to us too. Thanks for the play by play.

They pulled at Oscar who still had hold on her shirt. It tore giving the nurses more freedom to hold him down for a sedative, without worrying about Cameron getting hurt in the process.

Cameron backed up to the wall, not caring that more were coming into the room to make sure that she was alright, and opened up her blouse all of the way to check if her stomach had any sign of bruising. Thankfully it was left without blotches but as for her face and upper chest she was covered with yellow, blue, and red blemishes.

House: And I’m sure there was some creeper who was hoping this was canon so they could see Jennifer Morrison’s boobs.

"Allison! Oh my God!" Chase said coming to her side, pushing all the worried nurses Cameron hadn't responded to, and her head snapped up. "What did he do to you?"

Cameron: Way to be late to the game, Chase.

"I-I . . . he said he would hurt the baby if I didn't do as he said!" She blurted out. Although no tears ran down her face, her eyes gleamed as she looked back at her boyfriend. "I knew I couldn't just sit here and take it so I hit the button but-" Cameron shook her head burying it into Chase's welcoming arms. "That wasn't a psychotic episode! He really wanted to hurt me!"

"I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have left you alone with a patient with temporary psychosis. What was I thinking?" Chase muttered to himself as he ran his fingers through her hair.

House: Yeah, what were you thinking? Why would it be a good idea to leave the smallest doctor, who is also pregnant, in a room with a psychotic rapist?

Wilson: Because we needed a dramatic near-rape scene!

"Sweetheart, do you want to run home and get a change of clothes? You're blouse is torn."

Cameron: Because the blouse is the most important issue here.

"Huh?" She withdrew from his embrace and turned red as she saw that it was. She covered herself with her arms, luckily before House, Foreman, and Wilson came into the room. Cuddy came in soon afterwards to make sure that Cameron wasn't seriously injured.

House: I’d like to think even I wouldn’t ogle an attempted rape victim.

Foreman: Yeah, you didn’t ogle Eve so I think we have a precedent here.

House: Years later we got together though. It was an interesting night. We played pong, had martinis, and I woke up the next morning having adopted a German shepherd. I don’t know what happened in between.

Wilson: This was after you faked your death?

House: Yeah, you were long dead by then.

"He didn't hit you in the stomach did he?" Cuddy asked with sympathy. She handed Cameron her doctor's coat that had been thrown off during the brawl.

Cuddy: Because I’m the one sensible person in this clusterlove.

Everyone breathed a sign of relief when she shook her head. "He leaned on me and I thought the pressure would hurt the baby but I think the baby will be okay."

"I'm so sorry," Cuddy apologized. "Do you want me to call the police for you?"

Chase: Yes! I want to report a ripped blouse.

"Do you believe this, in your medical opinion, was a temporary psychosis?" House butted in. When Cameron shook her head he said to Cuddy, "Than the police should be called. Duh."

Cameron closed her doctor's coat tightly around her. She looked to the bed where the nurses were laying Oscar out once again. He was passed out now from the sedative but she looked away quickly before another chill ran down her spine.

"Did he . . . get very far?" Foreman asked the hard question that was on everyone's minds.

Cameron: Tell me more, tell me more…

"No!" Cameron snapped as though offended he insinuated that.

Foreman: Well, the phrasing was off, but if Cameron got raped presumably we should give her medical treatment since we’re doctors?


After seeing how they could interpret that as denial she let herself cool off before replying again. "No, he didn't. All he did was open my shirt and lay his grimy hands all over me-" Another shiver came over her "-but I'll be okay. I-I just need some fresh air."
Finally tears made their way down her face but Chase wiped them away for her. "You'll get some fresh air. We're going home for a while," Chase said to the others as he led her out of the room, softly saying that Oscar wouldn't get a chance to hurt her again.

Cameron: Why do I think Chase will find a way to blame this on me too?

Cameron, for the next few hours, was the talk of the hospital. She was embarrassed about the attack but refused to stay home. Her theory was that she would dwell to much on what could have happened or if the baby had suffered trauma. Chase was practically glued to her side and that was understandable. The police had been called but due to medical reasons he wouldn't be able to be put behind bars until he was diagnosed. Foreman - even if he was resistant to even care for Oscar after he attacked his colleague - felt he should so he could get out of the there before he hurt someone else.

Chase observed how Cameron tried to brush it off as though it were nothing. He was worried that Oscar had gotten further than she would admit. One half of him wanted to beat the information out of Oscar than beat him some more for daring to lay a hand on his girlfriend. Than the other half wished that he would have been there to stop it from the beginning. After all, Oscar had psychotic episodes, but he hadn't dreamed that he would take it out on Cameron in such a way.

House: Because Chase, you are an idiot.

It was hard letting it all sink in when everything had been running smoothly. Chase had been happy, Cameron had been happy, then in the likeliest of all places it fell apart in a hospital.

Cameron did Clinic Duty until it closed and Chase brought dinner to her. The two wouldn't eat alone though. Wilson and House tagged along. Wilson wanted to make sure that Cameron was going to be okay while House simply followed his friend, hoping to snatch some free food from him.

"I appreciate all of your worries but really, I'll be okay," She said as Wilson queried about how she was doing. "I just have a few bruises. That can be easily covered with makeup."

Cameron: Makeup on my boobs? Or on my neck?

"Do you think you should get an ultra sound to see if the baby is okay?" Wilson asked. When he saw her saddened reaction he added, "I'm not trying to worry you. I just think it would be best to make sure. Better safe than sorry."

Cuddy: Why did no one suggest this hours ago?

"I suppose," Cameron said as she poked at her slice of cheesecake mindlessly. "I really hope . . ." She stopped herself before tears could make their way down her cheeks.

Chase: Do you really want to eat that cheesecake?

Chase wrapped his arm around her shoulders knowing what she was going to say. His heart sunk when he had been told that Cameron was attacked by their patient. Oscar was taller and weighed over 200 pounds but Chase would have given anything to be there and to stop him; even if he had gotten hurt horribly in the process.
It was another time he had failed both Cameron and his child.

<>Cameron: The truest statement in this story. </b>

He pushed down the guilt he felt though so he could comfort Cameron. Chase would gladly hide his own angst just to see his girlfriend have that golden smile on her face.

"But everything will be okay," Cameron said with determination. "I just can't wait for the baby to come. I'll get one of those carriers that you strap on and carry him around."

"Yes, I'm sure he'll just love all of the disease's and urine smells of the hospital," House sarcastically mused. "Maybe even poke someone with a needle or two or mess around with people during Clinic Duty."
Cameron smirked. "That sounds like your kid, not mine."

"House with children?" Wilson repeated. "Sounds like some fantasy world where black with white, up is down-"

Foreman: Black is white? Is that supposed to mean something Wilson?

"And all oncologists have been wiped out," House finished his sentence for him.
Chase was barely there during the conversation. Cameron, Wilson, and House seemed to be going on with trading sarcastic remarks but he couldn't stop thinking of how with one swift move their baby could have been seriously injured or even dead. He wouldn't had even known about it. He had been trying to help save that bastard's life and he was attacking Cameron!

House: You were being a doctor! How dare you!

This is so frustrating. I need some air.

Cameron: Is “frustrating” really the word?

He excused himself saying he was going to the bathroom but he went out to the hospital parking lot wondering how he would do as a father. It was horrible the sorts of things that could set him off. Oscar hadn't even hurt him and he was more upset than Cameron was.

Stay cool. If Cameron's okay . . . than everything will be alright.

Chase: That kick could have made our baby fat. That would have been the worst thing!

There was still a dark pit in the bottom of his stomach tormenting him.

You couldn't save Cecelia and you couldn't help Cameron this time. What makes you think you can even think of marriage right now?

Cameron: Please lay off the emo for five minutes and come help me.

He clutched the small black box containing a gold ring with Cameron's name inscribed on it that he had for a while now. It was in his pocket where he figured he could bring it out when the time seemed right. Although that time had never come it was hard to see when it would ever come to fulfillment, especially when he had so many self-defeating thoughts multiplying inside of his head.

Cameron: And dividing… and subtracting…

chocolate_frapp: Hugh SF Musicchocolate_frapp on March 1st, 2014 05:15 pm (UTC)
what an awful fic!
Cuddy should have been a dominatrix in the show.
I can't picture House using a phrase like "have relations" when he's referring to sex, he's not an old church lady!
great MST!