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18 January 2015 @ 04:16 pm
Chase Hates Fat People, Chapter 8

"So where do we go from here," I'll say
You're a shining star; You'll do great in LA
And I keep fixing every habit that I break


House: I’m fixing a hole, where the rain gets in. It stops my mind from wandering.

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron stayed in the guest room across from the couple's room. They were kind and took their daughter and her boyfriend out to dinner almost every night except when Cameron insisted that she cook dinner. She had been developing more tastes for food when she became pregnant and made something Chase couldn't figure out what it was, but whatever it happened to be made him ask for a second helping.

Chase: ….Huh?

After a week of them staying they had to leave.

House: Well, eventually everyone has to leave.

Chase wasn't sure why Mr. Cameron called him out to the car while Cameron and her mother talked quickly about plans for them coming up again when the baby was born.

Cameron: My dad is going to kick your ass.

"I needed to talk to you about keeping Cameron safe," Mr. Cameron said. "That is my baby girl and if anything every happened to her I'm not sure what I would do."

Cameron: Somehow I doubt that my father refers to me as “Cameron”.

"Oh. I wish I didn't have to say this, I would hope it would be obvious, but I should say that if I had known that she was being attacked at the hospital I would have dropped everything and done what I could."

Chase: And then called her fat.

"Robert I know you're brave but let's face it, you don't have a lot of muscle," Mr. Cameron patted the Aussie's shoulder. "We both know that you aren't strong enough to protect her."

House: Whoa. He just insulted your manhood… Harsh.

"I know that I would be. I would never let anyone hurt Allison."
"Do you love her?"
"Again I would think it'd be obvious but yes I love her. A lot in fact."

Chase: But I love killing dictators just that little bit more…

Cameron: Doesn’t everyone?

"Tell her that often than. I can tell she loves you a lot. Don't let her down."
"I'm doing my best," Chase began to get heated from the way Mr. Cameron was putting him in a bad light. "And I would give my life to save her. She's my everything, Mr. Cameron."

Chase: What about the fact that he refers to his daughter as “Cameron”?

"Nice words but do the actions reflect that?" He questioned.

Cameron: Nope.

"I don't know what you expect me to say," Chase said frustration evident in his voice and face. "What would give you the impression that I wouldn't love her?"

Chase: The endless harassing about her weight might be something, but that’s just me.

"Nothing," Mr. Cameron simply said. "I wanted to make sure that you're the right one for her. You've been together a long time and if and when you pop the question I hope she says yes."
"Wait, wait. Let me get this straight. Just a minute ago you said that I couldn't protect her. Now you want her to say yes to marrying me? Do you know the word hypocrisy?"

Cameron: Actually, they’re just good friends.

"You may not be the man I imagined she would marry but you've got a good head on your shoulders. She used to go for anyone that could lift heavy weights. More than once she came home with a body builder. Her taste has changed a lot," Mr. Cameron reminisced. "I guess mine has to change too. Welcome to the Cameron family, Robert."

House: Yeah, I’m sure the cancer husband was a regular Charles Atlas.

"I haven't even asked-"
"You left the box on the kitchen sink a couple days ago when the phone rang. I was snoopy and looked inside and saw the matching rings," He told him. "You're good for her. Don't let me down."

House: He was Snoopy, and Chase is Charlie Brown.

"I won't," uneasily he said as he shook hands with Cameron's father.

Cameron: This is not the speech I’d be giving if this were my kid.

That was one encounter that he couldn't brush off. It was comforting to know that he was welcome into the Cameron family but the old man had a weird way of getting around to saying 'Greetings and salutations, Robert Chase, to the family!'. It also got him wondering when he should ask Cameron to marry him.

House: How about never?

Cameron: How about after you grow a pair?

He was confident she would say yes, there wasn't any reason he saw that she wouldn't, so why was he so hesitant?

House: Because you’re an asshole.
Cameron noticed that Chase seemed nervous as the day continued. They ate lunch together as they always did and Cameron was the one who made most of the conversation. She said she was going to go out and get some things for a baby boy when work was done. Maybe a blanket stitched together in the pattern of a soccer ball or some bright poster to put up in the room. Chase talked but when he did it wasn't much.

House: Their son is all set to grow up to become a soccer hooligan. Better watch out.

She considered asking him what he was so downhearted about but she recalled how well probing him about his troubles worked in the past. Maybe Chase needed some breathing room. With that in mind she only did small talk until they were paged about news of their patient who wasn't responding to treatment.

Wilson: “Well, there’s that guy. He’s probably going to die. Nice day.”

They day went on without much event. The patient was put on medicine for another common fungus and they hoped that this time they were right. They tried to figure out what it was but no matter how much they narrowed it down it didn't seem right. House went into his routine of sitting in front of the board over looking the symptoms wondering what they hell they were missing.

House: They were looking over there.

Cameron: I’m over here now.

Cameron walked into his office with a suggestion. "House? Maybe we should consider histoplasmosis. I know he doesn't have any contact with cat feces or-"
"Cameron do you think Chase is the one for you?" House asked out of curiosity.

House: That did follow on from cat feces.

"Er . . ." She was momentarily stunned by the question and asked, "What makes that your business?"

Cameron: Dr. Cameron, my business is business.

"What if someone else came along? Would you go for them?"
"No. Why?"
"No reason."
"Are you hitting on me?" She asked bluntly.

House: Nah, I only ever hit on Cuddy. I wasn’t even hitting on Amber.

Wilson: Thank God. The two of you in a relationship would blow up the world.

"You wish," House chuckled darkly. "I just wonder how you got into a relationship with him. He's not like me."

House: Then again, who is? I’m like Tigger. There can be only one.

Wilson: Well, except for Tig on Sons on Anarchy. He was less orange and more deadly, though.

"Maybe that's why I love him so much," she retorted.
House found messing with her proved entertaining enough to probe further. "I'm curious how you can go from your previous husband who was dying, to me and we all know I'm 'damaged', and go to Chase who isn't really damaged in any way. Daddy problems doesn't warrant enough sympathy for an empathy machine like you."

Cameron: Well, apparently his aunt sat on him. I guess that would make him damaged in some way… or weirdly kinky. Maybe this is going to go the way of Christian’s backstory in Fifty Shades of Grey.

"So you're saying I only go for these 'damaged' people?"
"What are you trying to say to me? That I should dump Chase because he isn't damaged enough?"

Cameron: Well, for God’s sake, find some reason. He’s an asshole.

"No. Curiosity is all."
"Curiosity killed the cat, House," She said gruffly.

Cameron: Hey! No animal cruelty in this story. This isn’t Cannibal Holocaust.

"Good thing I'm not a cat then."

House: I wish I was a cat. I could just sleep on Wilson and crap on things.

"Can we please go back to our jobs?"
"You responded to me. You didn't have to," reminded House before Cameron went on with the possibilities of histoplasmosis.
She will say yes. She will say yes. She will say yes.

Cameron: JUST SAY YES! *headbangs*

Chase: Oh, I hate that song.

That was the repeating mantra Chase had playing over and over inside his head. They both had gotten home and Cameron was preparing dinner. He had to make this count. What could he do to make this special? He surely couldn't do something cheesy but nothing to far-out that it would seem wrong to ask during.

House: I know how I asked Dominika to marry me…

Cuddy: No one wants to know about that, House.

The dinner was nothing special. Some baked potatoes and macaroni. Chase kept flipping the box open, staring at the ring inside, and closed it. Maybe he should have gotten a diamond ring. Did she even like gold?

Wilson: Silver and gold… silver and gold…

Cameron: I prefer Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time. He’s creepy, yet somehow also hot.

"Chase, dinner's ready!" called out Cameron.
"Coming!" He shouted back from down the hall where he had been pacing. He shoved the small velvet box into his pocket and went into the kitchen. "Looks good."

House: Hehe. He said he’s coming.

"Do you want sour cream?" She asked going into the refrigerator.
"No, butter."

House: I can’t believe it’s not butter. Or…that it is butter.

Wilson: If this turns into Last Tango in Paris, I’m out of here.

The dinner went on with them exchanging some information about their day. Cameron had accidentally slipped out about House asking if she thought Chase was the one for her. Of course this caught the Aussie's undivided attention.


"What did you say?"
"That it was none of his business."
"Oh . . ."

Wilson: This is getting sort of 50 Shades right now. What, is he going to make Cameron sign an NDA?

"And then he asked if someone else came along would I leave you, and of course I said no," Cameron said picking away the potato's insides. "What about you?"

House: Poor, mutilated potato. It had no chance. No chance at all.

"Mmph?" He grunted with a mouth full of food.
Cameron giggled and repeated, "What about you? Do you think I'm the one for you?"

Wilson: I’ll be the one… to make all your sorrows undone…

After swallowing Chase answered, "Yes you are." He felt the box inside his pocket but couldn't bring it out. After a moment's passing Cameron went back to eating and probably thought that was all she would get out of him.
Way to go Romeo, he taunted himself. That was a chance and you blew it. Stop giving short answers and tell her what you really feel.

Wilson: “Cameron… I think you’re fat. Will you marry me?”

Chase opened his mouth with the words on the very edge of his tongue.

Wilson: Starts with a “W”, asshole.

Damnit all!
Cameron got up and answered it. Chase could tell from the moment she put it against her ear that something was wrong. Her face seemed to contort at whatever news she just received and tears began to well up into her eyes.

Cameron: Revolution got cancelled!

Chase: It’s okay, baby. That second season was really confusing anyway.

"Oh-Oh my God. Who would do such a thing?"
"Allison?" Chase asked slowly getting up from his chair to walk over to her.
"I don't know! Some crazy maniac? No, no. Nobody we know. Oh my God . . ."

Chase: Oh God, what did Lucas do this time?

Chase became more alarmed asking harshly, "What's wrong?"
"Did it happen to any of the other graves?"

Chase: Is this now Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things?

Chase could feel his heart drop into his stomach at the mention. Was she talking about . . .?
"We'll be right over. Bye."
"Allison tell me-"
Cameron let out a shuddering sigh and said, "Someone robbed Cecelia's grave. They . . . they took her out, shredded her clothes, and made away with h-her body. Whoever did it dug up four other graves too and took out the b-baby's body's . . ." Cameron began to cry.

Chase: Were they just looking for baby graves? Is this some weird Satanic, baby-wanting cult?

Cameron: The Hand That Robs the Cradle?

Chase: From the cradle to the grave?

Chase was going to try and soothe her but he was in a shocked state. Who would rob a baby's grave? What sicko would put the parents through that? It's horrible enough to loose a child once but now even her body had been taken away. It left Chase feeling all the more helpless in his role of a father.

House: It’s particularly hard to loose a child if you tie their leash too tight.

Cuddy: Have you been putting Rachel on a leash?

House: Maybe.

"Let's go," Cameron said suddenly.
He snapped back to reality. Cameron had gotten the keys already and was guiding him towards the door.

House: Another proposal moment screwed up…
It seemed to be a dream.
Police. Freshly dug-up graves. The once pretty clothes that had adorned Cecelia were carelessly torn up near her tombstone. Her coffin was eerily untouched while all of the other children's had been smashed with a blunt object, most likely suspect was a hammer.

House: Was this the creepy dude from before?

Wilson: Is this going to be that weird smoking through a skull cult? Because that’s creepy.

None of the families knew who would have done this. There were no connections between the adults. Cameron and Chase didn't recognize any of the other weeping men and women. They stood at their daughter's grave both of them crying. Cameron was crying outloud but Chase was much more quiet wiping the tears away before they could make their way down his face.

Chase: Well, I mean, this is messed up, but admittedly it’s not bothering Cecelia.

House: She is, however, breaking my heart.

They were assured that the police would do everything to try and arrest whoever robbed their daughter's grave. The man working at the cemetery began to fill the graves once again with dirt.

House: Then they went into a Shakespearean grave-digger conversation.

Cameron picked up the tiny pieces of cloth that had been covering Cecelia's body. "Why would someone do this?"
"Probably some sick pervert," Chase snarled in anger for the misery whoever was causing them. "Hopefully they'll find him."

House: Hopefully, some sick pervert…

"Even if they do find him I don't know if Cecelia will be in one piece."

Cameron: While this is awful, I mean… she is dead. It’s not as if she’s going to be any worse off.

"We have to hope, Allison," Chase said. There wasn't much conviction in his voice although he wished there was.
"This is the last thing we need," She said. "Why do these things keep happening to us? Can't we just be happy for a while?"

House: Because you’re in a fanfic. So the worst things in the world will all happen to you, one after another.

Chase hugged her hoping to calm her down. "I'm sorry. If I knew I'd . . . I'm sorry."
Although they did not know it their thoughts were one in the same.
I failed again.

Cameron: I don’t know that he could have really prevented this one.

"Chase do you think one of Oscar's family members could have done this?" Cameron asked as the cemetery worker began to fill Cecelia's grave.

House: Goddamnit, Snuffy. Stop grave-robbing.

"If it was they wouldn't have robbed the other graves."
"Maybe they did it to throw us off."
Chase shook his head. "I couldn't really tell you. Even if his family was upset I doubt they'd be this heartless about it. It would take someone with ice in their veins to dig out a child's grave."

Chase: You’re as cold as ice… You’re willing to sacrifice our love…

"I feel so bad for everybody else," Cameron looked around. "Those parents over there had two children. I over heard them talking to the police. Their twin boys died in a house fire, they were only eleven months, and now they're both missing."

House: Missing sounds more like they got kidnapped or something…

"We can't focus on everyone," said Chase coldly. "I only care about finding Cecelia."

Chase: And now I’m a dick again.

"Maybe if we talk to the other parents we can find a connection. There had to be something."
"There are a lot of sick people out there that do unthinkable things for their own selfish reasons," Chase reminded her sadly. "I wish there was something connecting us, so we could track down the criminal, but there isn't. I don't know these people."

Chase: Actually, I do. I met that asshole in my first year of medical school, and he seemed the body-snatching type. I didn’t realize it, though.

"You're not even going to try?" Cameron said hotly. "Don't you want to find Cecelia?"
"Of course I do! But have small talk with them isn't going to do it."
"We have to think of something," she sounded desperate. She was now that she was re-living the pain of loosing Cecelia all over again. "I can't take this! I can't loose her again!"

Chase: You can’t spell “lose” correctly again, either.

Chase couldn't stop her from running out of the graveyard with her head in her hands. He was going to let her cry it out a little but he knew that Cameron needed someone to comfort her right now.

Chase: This is really callous narration. “Eh, she’s fine. But… I guess I’ll go comfort her.”

She had locked the car and Chase was trying to talk her into opening the doors again but she wasn't having it. Cameron was crying too hard to possibly think straights.

House: She could only thing about a royal flush, instead.

Her mind was racing as she tried to figure out why someone would hurt them, or anyone of those parents, like this. They were using Cecelia and those other children for their own sick needs without having a second-thought about how this would affect the parents.

Chase: I love how “perverts” is my first thought as opposed to like… I don’t know, something other than “perverts”.

House: Chase used to steal bodies back in Australia.

"Allison, please. Open the door. We can go home and talk this out!" Chase said loudly banging on the driver's side door.

Cameron: This is no time for banging! Something serious just happened!

Cameron was in the passenger's seat trying to cry out her pain. "Allison! I know it hurts, it really does, but if we don't try to figure this out the police have nothing to go on!"

Chase: If it’s not for us, the police are just hopeless.

House: Tritter is totally in charge of this investigation.

Cameron started to hyperventilate, waving her hands at her face while trying to calm down. "Allison, listen to me. It's okay. Cecelia is in heaven right now whether her body is in her coffin or not. Her soul is fine. We're going to have a baby boy soon, right? Think of that. Shhh, it's okay . . ."

Chase: I swear, if she freaks out and goes into labor…

Cameron: Then I won’t be fat anymore? And we lived happily ever after?

The blonde eventually guided her into a composed state where she could think of what she was doing.

Cameron: When it’s me and Chase, isn’t “the blonde” not that specific? I mean, at least if it’s later-seasons me?

"Think of all of the fun we'll have. Ashton will stitch your heart right up."

Chase: He’ll always be punking people… and just getting married…

Cameron: But if he has a blackout, watch out. He might change something and then… we’re all screwed.

"Do you think we can protect him?" Cameron asked, her voice hoarse from weeping.
"Of course we can. We couldn't do anything more for Cecelia. This was beyond our control."

Chase: Then, this turned into a Lindbergh baby situation.

"I-I'm sorry. I just . . . I guess I let myself go for a minute," Cameron apologized meekly. She unlocked the doors and let Chase get inside. "Are you okay?"
"I should be," He answered honestly. "If you will be."

Chase: I’m a cyborg, but that’s okay.

"Yeah. I just can't think of anyone . . . we don't have any enemies."
"Like I said before it could be the regular madman running around."

House: Goddamnit, Don Draper.

"I wish it was someone we knew so we could get our baby back . . ." Cameron said barely above a whisper.
Chase reached over and squeezed her hand and started the car. "Do you want to go out for dessert?"

House: That’s always what dead babies make me think of.

"No I don't think so."
"I'll get you ice cream with hot peppers."
"That was a one time thing!" Cameron laughed softly. "I'm more into pickles, mayonnaise, and cottage cheese all mixed in one bowl. That's really good."

Cuddy: …Maybe it’s a good thing I adopted. Then again, I could eat that at work and deter House from hanging around.

House: I’m not scared off that easy.

"I'll make you that when we get home then. We'll watch a movie and relax, okay?" Chase said.

House: Just avoid Alice Cooper records.

"I don't know if I can-"
"You can and will. If we don't relax we might go insane." He smiled trying to joke with her. Although his mind was wracked with horrible images he tried to keep sane for Cameron's sake.
"Thanks, Chase. I'm not sure what I'd do without you."
He leaned over leaving a light kiss on her lips. "Love you too."

House: Each day just goes so fast… I turn around, it’s past… you don’t get time to hang a sign on meeeeeee…

So they left leaving the nightmare into the depths of their mind. They would avoid thinking of this new tragedy before it became a black hole ripping their souls to pieces; just like Cecelia's dress was.

House: The dress was ripping their soul to pieces?
"Cameron, I heard it on the news this morning and I wanted to say that I'm sorry," Cuddy said. She had seen the other woman come in with Chase and decided to give her condolences. "Do you have any idea who would do such a thing?"
"No," Cameron replied. "We're at a loss for who or what did it."

House: I say it was Tritter. Or Vogler. Their plotlines are bound to come back eventually!

Cameron: They didn’t, but Stacy did.

"I doubt that you two have any enemies," Cuddy said with disbelief. "That just makes it worse when bad things happen to good people."
"Cuddy, Chase, Cameron! So how did that threesome go last night, huh? Lots of fun for all involved?" House interrupted loud enough for everyone to hear. He limped towards them waiting with them for an elevator to become available.

House: I would so be outside the house watching that creepily.

"You have Clinic Duty at one, House. Do not be late," reminded Cuddy quickly.
"Riiight because I just love picking toys out of kid's noses and making sure no one goes home without a finger poking into every orifice."

House: Like I said, Tritter.

"Thank you for that lovely image," Cuddy drawled. She turned to Cameron and Chase with a sympathetic look and then left to her office.
The elevator opened up and the three went in there and headed to the floor of House's office. House began to whistle in the uncomfortable silence before saying, "I watched the news this morning."

House: I’m getting married in the morning!

"I know where you're going with this and while we appreciate-" Cameron began but was cut off.
"If you ever do find the guy let me know. This cane has many uses other than getting me around, you know," House said swinging it in the air for example. "So any idea?"

House: And now we have some cane-kink.

"No," Chase sighed. He knew he and Cameron would be answering that question a lot for the rest of the day.
That did happen as they guessed it would. Cameron and Chase couldn't escape the pitied looks from the staff and even some patients who recognized the two doctors. It was as though it were Cecelia's death all over again. The same looks, the same sorrow in their voices, and most frustrating of all was the overwhelming pity. They enjoyed comfort from their friends but from complete strangers, while a nice gesture, was not what they needed.

Chase: Do any of these other people in the hospital even know or care about our personal life? I mean, everybody wasn’t this bummed out when Amber died. Or even when Kutner died, and he actually worked in the hospital.

A constant reminder turned out to be torture for the mind. Cameron couldn't force herself to eat. All she could think about is Cecelia. She tried to find something she loved, like a chocolate bar, but she mostly sat about rubbing at her pregnant stomach thinking of her lost and dead child. It almost caused her to cry at one point in the day but she managed to stop by burying herself into her paperwork.

Cameron: Was the “bury” pun on purpose?

Chase was no better off. He did crossword puzzles to keep his mind off of his troubles but it didn't do much for him. Even TV didn't make his mind bland. Chase considered taking a personal day to grieve but what would that achieve? They had a patient to take care of. They were close to finding the right diagnosis. He couldn't focus on the dead when there were so many close to death.

Chase: I’m stuck in the upper-left corner – I don’t know ANY heads of state from Madagascar.

He expected Cameron to come to him to find comfort. Instead he found out that she was in the cafeteria with Wilson on a break. He found himself feeling partly jealous but told himself to calm down. Chase did not want to be one of those guys that would forbid or become enraged when his girlfriend would talk to another guy. Cameron had no interest in him, as far as Chase knew, and Wilson had said he wouldn't try to take Cameron away.

Wilson: But if she tries to take House away from me, it’s on.

Chase left the cafeteria rubbing his head. He felt a headache coming on.
It was only getting worse as the day wore on so he figured on his lunch break he would go out to get some Tylenol from the house. After telling Cameron where he was going he went to the first floor and when the elevator door opened he was ripped out by some large man and thrown onto the floor.

Wilson: Well, shit just got random.

"What the hell?" Chase shouted as he got up. His head throbbed and the force of the fall caused his vision to swirl.

House: He got into my acid stash again…

"I want my kid to get a transplant now!" someone roared. A shot was fired off into the ceiling as a warning. "I have three livers here and one of 'em should be good enough to fix my kid!"

House: And now this has become John Q.

Wilson: Universe Man, Universe Man…

Cuddy was already at the desk trying to calm the armed man down. Beside him was a cooler that probably contained the livers. A woman standing behind him, probably his girlfriend or wife, was holding a sickly baby.

Wilson: Either that, or the cooler had some beer and the kid got drunk.

"Sir we can't do it. We don't know where you got those livers, probably on the black market, but we can't and won't do it!" Cuddy answered. "The police are coming anyway so don't add assault or attempted murder to the list."

Wilson: Only aggravated vagrancy.

"Lady, I want the transplant team! I don't give a damn if you think you can't do it. You will do it," He pressed the gun onto Cuddy's chest right over her heart. "Or I will kill you. Understand that?"

Cuddy: I’ve barely even been in this story and now I’m held at gunpoint?

House: Will she get shot? Find out next time!

chocolate_frapp: Bertie ?!chocolate_frapp on January 19th, 2015 04:31 am (UTC)
yee gods, the grave robbing is creepy enough and now we have a hostage situation?
Baked potatoes and macaroni? that's a lot of carbs for a meal cooked by a supposed fat-basher.
I love House quoting the Beatles.
Mrs. Mercurysydpenguinbunny on January 19th, 2015 04:40 am (UTC)
Thank you!! :D Yes, this story gets crazier and crazier...