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19 January 2013 @ 11:00 am
Chase Hates Fat People, Chapter 2  
In which Chase acts like a controlling psycho and House... does strange things.

But your blonde hair and gaping eyes,
Sent tingles down my nervous spine,
And now the days go by oh so slow

Chase: And now back to our program where I still don’t know where these song lyrics are from and I still don’t care.

"Chase?" Cameron was forced to shake him awake since he wouldn't wake up otherwise.

Chase: Ever?

Cameron: *punches him* Don’t say that or you’ll roll on your back and choke on your own vomit.

It was odd though, to everyone else, that she still called him 'Chase' after all of their time spent as a couple.

Foreman: So who is “everyone else”? I mean, how many people does Cameron really interact with? Chase, House, me, Cuddy, and… she barely even talks to Wilson.

Personally she thought that was a cuter name than Robert.

Chase: Okay so not that it’s force of habit… but my first name is apparently woefully inadequate. Good to know.

"It's nine. We don't want to be late."

Cameron: Somehow I suspect if it’s your kid’s funeral, they will usually wait for you to show up in some capacity.

Chase: Yeah, they held a funeral for Dexter.

Cameron: That sounds like Dexter died.

Chase: Spoiler alert, season 8!

That was the start of a bitter and tense morning. Neither of them truly wanted to go to their child's funeral. In a sad way they wanted to forget this tragic chapter of their lives and move on to a happier time. Chase nor Cameron could bring themselves to stay home, naturally. Cecelia deserved to be remembered even if she only spent a few hours alive.

Cameron: Actually I just stayed home and watched Oprah.

Chase: I won a free car!

The wake happened at 10 so everyone could view the infant and touch her one last time

House: All right, do I have to be the one to say that sounds dirty? Come on, everybody else sees it too.

before sending her six feet under.

Wilson: Their funeral home was Fisher and Sons.

That was what they were most concerned about . . . How were they supposed to re-act to a cold corpse of their child? Cry and run out of the room? Scream in anger at the sky hoping God was listening to their string of curses?

House: Yeah, any one of those works, I suppose.

After getting dressed properly, in all black, and eating breakfast they started their way to the wake at the funeral home.

Wilson: Most important meal of the day. You can’t skip it just because you’re going to your kid’s funeral.

Chase, who was driving, looked at his girlfriend. It looked like she hadn't gotten much sleep. Her gaze was solemn while she mourned the loss. Chase reached over for a moment to brush some stray hairs behind her ear.
"You look beautiful this morning," He said hoping it would cheer her.

Chase: Yeah, women love compliments. Even at funerals. “You look super-hot in that mourning attire.”

Cameron: Love a man in black. Especially Johnny Cash.

Cameron said nothing. She only gave him a slight smile.
She did finally speak though.

Chase: Can’t you feel the drama. “She didn’t say anything… BUT FINALLY SHE DID.”

Cameron: Well, I have to talk sometime. I’m not mute or a monk or something.

"I'm sorry that we have to go through this," Cameron muttered, sounding heartbroken. "I wish that I could have held out a bit longer but my contractions were getting worse and there was nothing I could do."

Cameron: Oh yes. It is all my fault. Through my fault…

"You don't blame yourself do you?" The silence was a way of saying yes. "Allison, don't do that to yourself. I know you would have done anything to help her. I would have done anything too but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess."

Chase: The world’s smallest violin. It plays for us.

"But why?" Cameron snapped out of frustration. "I don't get why this would happen to us! I thought I was healthy enough to have a child!"

Cameron: WHYYYYY?!

"You are it's just that Cecelia had too many problems herself. You heard what they told us, right? She wasn't moving along properly throughout the pregnancy. Cecelia was too underdeveloped for an infant . . ." Chase remembered that her skin had been almost opaque, and she was as light as a feather, but to him she had been beautiful.
"I know that but why her?"

House: Because she had to die so that you two could angst for her. </b>

Chase shook his head at a loss for an answer.
The rest of the car ride was spent in an overwhelmingly uncomfortable silence.

Wilson: Like the uncomfortable silence I feel when I read this story.

"Oh Alley!" Mrs. Cameron used her daughter's nickname while embracing her. Cameron melted into her mother's arms sobbing for the loss. "I'm so sorry, honey."

Cameron: Alley? Like “I parked my car in the alley so I didn’t get a street-sweeper ticket?” Gee thanks.

"So am I," She said softly. She turned to her father who always kept his composure no matter the situation. Except for this. His eyes were bloodshot as though he had been crying for a while. "Hi Dad."
"I already saw her," He said. "She would have grown up to be just as beautiful as her mother. I just know it."

Chase: Yeah Cam, your dead kid is lookin’ good.

Chase agreed. "I bet she would have had your smile."
"I hoped she would have had your eyes," Cameron replied. "But . . ."
Before she could cry more she started walking down the hall passing her child's wake. At the end of the long hallway she began to pace back and forth. It was a nervous habit she had developed throughout her pregnancy.

Cameron: That’s a really boring nervous habit given that pretty much every single person does that.

"Allison?" Chase called out. He stood outside the open doors of the wake, giving everyone inside an empty smile. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Mrs. Cameron shaking her head.
"Let her walk it off, honey," She suggested while her daughter paced trying to hold herself together. "It is nice to see you again, Robert, although I'm sorry it's under such horrible circumstances."

House: I’m seeing why we never saw Cameron’s parents in canon. Way to be boring.

"Thanks for coming," Chase could only manage to speak in short sentences or he would start to break down. "I'm waiting for her."
"No, go ahead," Cameron persisted loudly from down the hall. "I'll join you in a minute, I promise."

Chase: Yeah, dead kid will still be there later.

Cameron: This is a really awkward chapter.

Reluctantly Chase stepped into the room where he was greeted by familiar faces. They gave their condolences and he tried to strike up conversation with whomever approached him so he could buy time.

House: Pete Rose – Hall of Fame or not?

If he went over to the open coffin he knew that his tough facade would break. He felt as though he had to remain calm as to keep being the strong man of the relationship. Cameron needed someone to lean on now more than ever and he had to be there with dry eyes.

Chase: So I’m just going to stand over here and try to forget I have a dead kid.

It was times like these were Chase wished his parents were alive.

Chase: Because they were both so helpful while they were around.

Chase wasn't paying attention to much other than out the window where he tried to count how many flowers surrounded the outside. That concentration was broken when he heard his name called by a female voice but it wasn't Cameron.

House: It was Carmen Electra!

He saw Cuddy waving for him to come over to her, by the coffin, where Cameron was silently shedding tears. She said something to Cuddy and gave her a brief hug.

Cameron: Then it became more than a hug and then… well that’s where the femmeslash plot begins.

Chase walked over and draped his arm across Cameron's shoulders. He tried to look at anything but the casket.
"She looks like a porcelain doll," Cameron commented. She reached down and stroked her cold child's face. "Do you like her dress Chase? Cuddy bought it for her."

Cuddy: Hey, I’m shopping for a dead baby. You think this is the right size?

"Yeah, it's nice," He said blankly. He focused on the serene look on the infant's face and here they were, a complete mess, but Cecelia looked as though she were soundly asleep. "Thank you."

Chase: Cecelia is dreaming that she wasn’t killed for TEH ANGST.

"Of course," Cuddy said.

Cuddy: I take checks or money orders when you pay me back.

Cecilia wore a tiny dress that looked soft to the touch. It was a light shade of pink, with red bows aligned in a row down the middle. He hadn't seen such little dress shoes before but the frilly bonnet she wore made her look more lively. Chase imagined her as she was dressed now, rolling around in her rocker, giggling at every sound as she had new experiences, and reaching out with her little hands to hold onto her care takers. Even hearing her cry in the middle of the night, waking them both up from a deep sleep, would be a treat.

Chase: Oh God. I don’t even have anything to say. They just grabbed the angst chain and pulled it so hard that it actually came off.

None of that would happen now. She never had a chance.
"Whoever said big boys don't cry was wrong," Cameron said as she wiped a tear away from Chase's eye.

Cameron: Is that really the proper comment for this situation? I mean Chase is an MD, I think he’s a little past being a “big boy”. “Big boy” to me means like… five.

"Oh, um-"
"I didn't expect you not to cry. It's okay," She said softly. Cameron wrapped her arm around his waist.
He immediately dabbed them away with his sleeve. Chase hadn't realized he had been shedding tears since the minute he looked to his deceased daughter. The last person who he wanted to see him being emotional was House but he was there staring down at the newborn.

House: Mmmmm… Baby. Delicious delicacy.

House looked up to the grieving couple to meet with some odd stares. "Why are you so shocked? I said I would come."
"I know, I just didn't know you would . . ." Chase said lightly.

Chase: Because you had to be drugged to go to your own father’s funeral? And you didn’t show up to Kutner’s or Amber’s? I mean seriously.

Cameron looked down to Cecelia. "Do you think I would have been a good mother?" The blunt question was aimed to House.

House: No. That would be my answer. Just… because. She might have been a good father, though, if she left the mothering to Chase.

House stared down at her for a moment, trying to figure what her emotional status was at the moment, and when that was put aside he asked, "Why are you asking me?"

Chase: Her “emotional status”? This isn’t a neurological exam.

"I figured out of everyone here that you would tell me the truth."
Chase, from behind Cameron, gave House a protective stare. He didn't want him to insult her in this desolate time.

Cameron: In this desolate time… In this… What are these sentences and why do they exist?

"Based on how I've seen you with kids, your kid would have all the security in the world," House said. "Just don't send the kid to Uncle Greg. Wilson's dog broke into my Vicodin before and was stoned for days. Imagine a kid like that. Suddenly Daddy's hair would come alive."

Chase: Okay, can everyone raise their hand that could actually see House saying this? He would either pause a long time and then say “yes”, or say something really harsh that ended up actually kind of having a positive edge to it.

"I'll note that," Cameron said with a small smile.
Meanwhile Chase couldn't figure out why she would ever think she wouldn't be a good mother.

Chase: Because guilt.

"You guys probably won't come into work for a few days. I'm going to have Clinic Duty while you're gone. Don't let that weigh on your conscience too much."
"I'm coming in to work tomorrow," Cameron spoke up.
Without delay Chase asked, "Are you sure that is the right thing to do?"

Cameron: I think this author also doesn’t believe in contractions.

"If I sit around all day it will only make this harder," Cameron said turning away from her daughter's casket. She wiped at her eyes with a tissue.
"I wanted to talk about a few things though," Chase said under his breath. "We do need to talk."
"We can do two things at once."

House: Like eat and chew gum. Or wait… walk and chew gum I meant.

Wilson: If you did the former you might swallow your gum by accident.

"I'd prefer that you two don't argue at work," House said.

House: Again, something I’d never say. I made Thirteen and Foreman break up because they agreed too much.

"We won't argue," Cameron snapped back. She than turned to face Chase and said more calmly, "I think stopping our schedules would not help. We need to return to our normal lives or atleast as normal as it can be."

Chase: We now have more of Cameron talking like Hal from 2001.

"Allison don't make a hasty decision. You're emotions are clouded from seeing her today. Just take a few days off-"
"No," Cameron cut in. "I'm going back to work Chase. I-I need a distraction. My baby is gone and I can't think about it or . . ." She broke into sobs, digging her head into his chest for comfort.

House: That sounds at least mildly painful.

House decided to give them a private moment and went over to Wilson and Cuddy. "So do you think they'll last?" He asked them.
The two looked at eachother, then to House, as though they didn't believe he would ask that.
"Why wouldn't they?" Wilson questioned.
"I don't know. Dead babies usually stir up the worst in people, especially if it's yours," said House nonchalantly. "That's why I wanted them to stay home. Fighting it out at work will just cause more problems."

House: Okay, a little closer to what I’d actually say.

"They want to come back to work so soon?" Cuddy said skeptically.
"Cameron does. Chase doesn't. Problem number one and I'm sure this isn't the last one."

House: “Who is number one?” “You are number six.”

"I know that a loss of a child is devastating but they can work through it," optimistically said Wilson. "They can always have more kids."

Wilson: I don’t know. I haven’t popped out any yet.

House: Except in MPREG fics.

"You might say that but Cameron, she's a small girl. I think she lost the baby because her body can't function under the stress of pregnancy."

House: I understand that we’re doctors, but would we really talk like that? I just feel uncomfortable right now and I’m, well, me.

"Oh really House," scoffed Cuddy. "That can't be the basis-"
"What did you say?"
House turned around to a wide-eyed Cameron. She repeated herself more loudly, and with more anger, "What did you say?"


"You weren't supposed to hear that," House told her sounding uneasy.

House: And now I sound like a sixteen-year-old girl saying her friend’s dress looked awful.

"So it's my fault I lost the baby? She would have been fine if it wasn't for me?"
"You need to gain weight before you have another kid is all I'm saying."

House: If you stood sideways, I’d have thought you hadn’t come in to work.

Attention came to their conversation and Chase, who had gone to the bathroom, came into the room giving them a confused stare.

Chase: I was taking a monster shit, sorry.

"Are you sure? I never thought . . ."
"Cameron," sympathetically said Cuddy. "It isn't your fault and there was nothing you could do to change it."

Cuddy: Even though you’re a skinny bitch. You need curves, like me.

House: Cameron isn’t even THAT skinny. I mean, she’s not fat or anything but she’s a pretty normal weight generally. I’d tap that without being afraid I’d break her in two.

Cameron: Thanks House. That brightens my days and nights.

"I thought if I ate healthy and stayed fit that she'd be better," She admitted. "But it killed her?"

House: Don’t eat your vegetables, kids. Just don’t.

Chase came up behind Cameron and brought her into a hug trying to shush her down a little. He glared at House who wasn't uneasy anymore - he was nervous.
"What did you say to her?" The Aussie demanded to know.

House: I asked her if my butt looked big. Apparently it wasn’t the place.

"I didn't-"
"Yes you did!" He accused. "What did you say?"
"It doesn't matter," Wilson tried to cut in. "What he said was wrong, Cameron. He didn't mean to blame you, he just-"

Wilson: Oh look at me trying to be Mr. Diplomacy.

"You blamed her?" Chase shouted. He let go of his girlfriend who immediately found comfort in her mothers arms. "How could you? It wasn't her fault that Cecelia died!"

Chase: Wow, way for me to jump to conclusions.

"You bastard," Mr. Cameron snarled, getting right into House's face. "You better be glad that you're crippled or you would be lying face down on the floor right now."

House: And now an old man is threatening to kick my ass.

"Look, Allison," House tried to ignore Chase and Mr. Cameron, "I meant that it could have been a possibility but I'm betting that it's mostly Cecelia who had defects."

House: Yeah it’s cool, your child was just a reject.

"Because my body couldn't handle the baby," Cameron said softly.
"Alley don't say that," Mrs. Cameron ran her fingers through her daughters hair. "It's okay. Don't believe him, sweetheart. It's not true."

House: Go play with your sisters, Driveway and Terrace. Mommy and Daddy have things to discuss.

I can't believe my weight was the problem. I really did fail her.
"Get out of here," Chase said as cold as ice.


He was trying to remain calm for Cameron's sake. "I better not see you at the grave site either."

Chase: Yeah. How dare you… something?

"Fine. I'll go. See you at work tomorrow," He muttered under his breath and made his way out with Wilson following behind him. House was all too glad to leave them alone.
"You really have to apologize better than that," Wilson told him out in the parking lot. "A possibility?"

Wilson: This is the most long involved conversation/argument over one House comment… ever.

"I lied right through my teeth," House said. "You and I both know that no one can bear a child while they're that small. I was going to tell her to gain weight but she did seem to be doing well. They should have done a C-section on her. Would have been a lot less painful. Not to mention not as messy."

House: Cameron is not that damn skinny! What the hell! They’re talking as if she’s 50 pounds or something. And obviously she popped out at least one healthy kid if we look at the series finale.

"If you think about it the baby has the power. If it's coming out the way nature intended they have to let it happen," Wilson argued. "But unfortunately . . . you're right. She probably could have kept it longer if her body could have handled it."

Wilson: It’s also really weird that they are talking this in-depth about a small person coming out of Cameron’s vagina.

"I guess this could be seen as a lesson learned the hard way."
"You didn't have to put it so bluntly."
"Someone had to tell her."
"But you were saying it behind her back," reminded Wilson.
"I think work is going to be fun tomorrow. Don't you?"

House: Oh my God this conversation. Shoot me now. I feel like we’re in Mean Girls. “And none for Cameron – bye!”

"I'm going to see her be buried," Wilson said as House got onto his motorcycle. "Do you want me to apologize for you?"
"I have nothing to apologize for," House said. "The truth hurts sometimes. She'll get over it. You did say that she could always have more kids."
Wilson scoffed, "Too bad she can't get a new boss."

House: Har, har, har.

IIIII After The Burial IIIII
"Let's stop at McDonalds to get something to eat," Cameron suggested.

Cameron: You deserve a break today… When you’ve just buried your dead kid…

Chase looked at her from the corner of his eye. She was serious.
"You know that I don't like that place. It's ruining a lot of healthy people's lives."

Chase: It also tastes like crap but… whatever.

"I never said that you had to get anything," She said coldly. "All I want is a cheeseburger and some fries. I'm not going to get anything extravagant. I just don't feel like cooking tonight."
"Understandable but I can cook. I'll make you something healthy," Chase insisted. "How about tofu burgers?"

Chase: When did I become Controlling McController?

"Why not?"
"So what if I want McDonalds? Why do you care?"

Cameron: I have a point here.

"Because it is dripping with grease and calories," Chase more heatedly than intended. "I am not going to let my girlfriend ruin her body with fattening foods."

Chase: Am I supposed to be in any way sympathetic in this conversation? Because I’m not really getting that. The way this is going it seems like I should be on Maury yelling about how my marriage certificate is a bill of sale.

"Here we go again with the obesity. I am not going to gain two hundred pounds overnight, Chase," She said. "And for your information most people who are 'fat' can be perfectly healthy at the same time."

Cameron: “Here we go again with the obesity.” What, does Chase just start talking about overweight people all the time? Like in the middle of sex? On the operating room floor?

"No they can't. They drop dead at forty from a heart attack! You never see an obese old person because they don't exist!"

Chase: I have totally seen fat old people. Especially at the grocery store.

"You are being unbelievably ridiculous," Cameron said. She was beginning to becoming very fervent about this subject since it came up a lot with Chase around. "You're just being prejudice. You don't want your girlfriend to become fat, right? If I gained twenty pounds, even if it meant we could have a healthy child, you would leave me?"

Chase: NO! YOU’RE FAT! … does the author realize this is CAMERON we’re talking about? If she gained twenty pounds she’d weigh like… 120.

"So that's what this is all about. All of that bull House said," Chase said as he turned into a gas station. He pulled up to a pump so he could begin fueling his car. He had hoped that would be the end of the conversation but Cameron got out, slammed the car door, and went over to him.


"House was right," She tried to keep her voice from breaking. "If I had just been a little heavier my body could have handle the stress. With the weight I am at right now, one hundred pounds, I can't do it."

Chase: I was right! Though Cameron probably weighs more than 100 pounds in real life. Not like someone could go up and ask her without being rude.


"What he said was inane," He debated. "He was just being a jerk like he always is. We should have never let him come in the first place."
"Do you know why I asked him about me being a good mother?"

House: Kinky sex-game ideas?

"I don't know. Could it be that you're overwhelmingly insecure on that subject?"
"No. It's because I knew he would tell me the truth," Cameron said. "Unlike you."

House: Oooh. Burn.

Chase put the gas pump back in it's holder. "I'm going inside to pay for the gas. Do you want anything?"

Chase: Because in New Jersey you can pump your own gas. But not in Pennsylvania.

"Yeah. Hershey's chocolate and some pizza."
"Allison," He said sternly. "I am not going to let you do this to yourself."

Cameron: Good God, Chase. Stop starving me!

Cameron looked defeated as she read the look in his eyes. He was being dead serious with her, wasn't he? Chase really believed that if she ate something attached with being obese, or anything from a fast food restaurant, that she would gain too much weight.

Chase: Can anyone even imagine a fat Cameron? I’m being serious right now.

"House isn't half the ass that you can be sometimes," She seethed and slammed her door shut as she got into the passenger seat.
Don't yell. Stay calm. She's just in a delicate condition. She's upset over Cecelia. She's upset because of House. Irrational decisions come about when someone is emotionally exhausted . . . Chase thought. It was hard to stay calm though when Cameron was seemingly making wrong decisions about her body. Especially when it was House's doing.

Chase: Yo, no, I’m having issues with this author writing me like a psychopath.

Wilson: Welcome to… a lot of fiction about me.

I have to get him to apologize and say that he was wrong tomorrow or we'll never resolve this.
When they arrived home Cameron ate as much as she wanted, and Chase let her, as long as he could control what she was eating.

Cameron: QDOBA!

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A/N: I want to assure all of you reading that Chase's behavior WILL be explained in later chapters. Everyone has their sensitive subjects and his eating/obese persons.

Chase: No explanation other than I’m a psycho seems to fit this.

Cameron: Well, we’ll see what that explanation may be in… CHAPTER THREE!

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