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29 April 2015 @ 01:47 am
Chase Hates Fat People, Chapter 9  
In which... stuff happens. There's a stand-off and stuff. And a guy named Ronald.

I also want to take this moment to say, if you wrote this, I hope you don't feel bad. We all have to start somewhere and I hope you kept writing!

And she's trying to sleep it off
With her head on my shoulder
And I'm trying to keep it out
Of my thoughts when I hold her

House: And we’re back.

"You need to understand that we can not perform a transplant without a lot of complicated steps. If you need a new liver we can put your child on a list-" Cuddy began but was smacked to the floor by the offending man. A person from behind the desk tried to come to the Dean's aid but the man pushed her back into her original position.

House: And apparently we’re back to someone beating up Cuddy.

"I don't want her on a list! I want her to get better!" He roared. "I can't lose my only baby. We can't."

House: Oh God, is this going to turn into Last Resort? That wasn’t that good of an episode. I don’t know why I gave that guy the gun back.

Wilson: You needed twenty more minutes for the episode to be complete.

"Ronald, maybe this was a bad idea . . ." The woman behind him softly said.
"Listen to her," Cuddy said refusing to be quieted. "This is a bad idea. If you need her to get better do this the right way. If you two are in jail who's going to take care of the baby? Who's going to get her onto the list?"
"You are, lady," Ronald snarled picking her up by her hair. "Now let's go into your office and discuss this."

Cuddy: He literally lifted me up by my hair?

House: He must be strong. Cuddy has a lot of junk inside her trunk.

"Do you promise not to hurt any of my staff?" Cuddy asked.

"I can't promise you anything."

"Than we aren't going to my office."

Cuddy: My office is larger than a bread box.

"Do you want me to shoot you?" Ronald threatened her again with the gun against her chest. "I'm a monster when I want to be."

Cuddy: Because we want to! Because we want to!

House: As nasty as we wanna be.

"Don't hurt her," the woman said. "Please. I just want our baby to survive."
"Shutup!" Ronald spat at her. "We do things my way. I've waited too long doing things your way, Shana, and it's never worked."

House: He’s even verbally abusive to his wife.

Chase steadily walked up and got a foot behind Cuddy before Ronald noticed him. "What do you want, pansy?" The tall man ordered.

Chase: Yes, he really just called me a pansy.

"Where did you get those livers?" Chase asked trying to calm his voice down. If this was what he thought it was he could not let this man out of his sights until he was in a nice, cold cell with a long sentence.

Cameron: And a hard-working nucleus.

"You were probably to busy watched Oprah to watch the news so you wouldn't know me."

Cuddy: Huh?

"You admit that you did the grave robbing? At Forests Cemetery?" Chase questioned. He could feel his fists begin to ball up. He was never much of a fighter, and he had no prior training in fighting, but he was going to land a punch on this man if it was the last thing he did.

Cameron: Run Forrest! Run! Get those livers!

"I didn't admit to nothing. Now get back before I shoot you too."
"No!" Chase snapped. "Did you rob my daughter's grave?"

House: As bad as grave-robbing is, it might not be as vital as the gun in your face.

"Chase don't do anything rash," Cuddy warned not looking over her shoulder. The cold metal of the gun was keeping her alert at all times of the man at the other side of the gun movements.

Cuddy: You also may want to do something about THAT rash…

The Aussie ignored her. "Did you?"
"Look, the kid's liver wasn't any good so I had to throw it away. I did random spots, okay? I'd go and bury her again but there's too many cops around."

Cuddy: Is there really a precedent for using dead people livers? Like, that have been dead a while?

"You bastard!" All logical thinking was lost.

Cameron: In this fic, all logical thinking was lost a long time ago.

Chase chose to forget about the gun and launched himself at the man. He managed to get him to the floor by surprise. Shana gasped and began to weep miserably as Chase began to punch Ronald in his face, not caring how hard he hit, but just that he connected with the face of the man who had violated his daughter's grave. "How could you do that? What's wrong with you? That was my daughter! You had no right!"

Cameron: Billy, don’t be a hero…

Ronald was much stronger and grabbed both of Chase's arms by the wrist. He pulled him over his head and the blonde landed harshly on his back. His head began to throb in agony from another collision on his head. He was aware of people shouting and Ronald returning the several punches through kicks in the ribs.
"I'll kill you!" Ronald shouting picking up his gun. "Do you want to die?"

Chase: …At this point, probably. I don’t know why else I’m rushing the hostage taker.

Chase tried to move but Ronald put his boot onto the younger man's chest to keep him on the floor. He painfully dug the heel of his boot into Chase's chest making him gasp in pain.

Chase: Yow.

"Don't shoot him!" Cuddy shouted.
"Why shouldn't I?"
"Let's go into my office. Just don't shoot anybody, got it?"

Cuddy: This guy took that show Just Shoot Me far too literally.

"You're not one to make deals here, lady," Ronald said.
"Please Ron! Leave the poor man alone. How would you feel if someone stole from Miranda's grave?" She looked down to the ill child in her arms and cooed at her. Her long blonde hair covered her face which Chase figured was contorted from shame. "He's our victim. Don't victimize him all over again."

Cuddy: Da Doo Ron Ron Ron, Da Doo Ron Ron.

"This isn't about his poor little dead girl. I don't care! I want my child to live! If it takes robbing a few graves than so be it!" He gestured to the cooler. "The livers are in there!"

House: So be it! Now let it be war upon you both!

"They're no good by now," Cuddy informed him. She expected him to begin ranting about how she was wrong but he silently waited for her to continue. "I don't know what graves you robbed but the livers must be in horrible condition by now. I know Cecelia's was-"
"You've got to be kidding me!" Ronald shouted stomping his foot two times on Chase's chest. "This is bull! You're lying! You just don't want to do it!"
"I would do it, yes, for the sake of your child. But only if she gets on the transplant list and receives a healthy, live liver."

House: Yeah, by definition, dead people livers are, well… dead.

"We can't afford it! Our insurance won't cover it! This is the only way," Ronald uttered sounding vicious. "I need you to put her on the list if those livers aren't any good. If you don't I might just have to spread some blood around here."

Wilson: “Spread some blood” sounds like he’s going to make a sandwich for Dracula or something like that.

Their baby, Miranda, started to cry. Ronald didn't abandon his position because he knew that Chase would attack him given the chance. Shana cradled the crying child, her puffy eyes shining from her constant crying. Meanwhile Cuddy was praying the police would be arrive at any minute. She would not put it past the crazed father to let loose and shoot everyone he deemed unworthy of further negotiation.

Wilson: This was the real way Kutner died. It was this guy.

If I can keep him going for a few minutes and buy time the police will stop this madness, Cuddy thought. She didn't need to do that because there were new arrivals on the first floor. I guess the news hasn't gotten anywhere else yet. This is going to get ugly.
Unfortunately it was Cameron and Wilson chattering pleasantly until they saw the scene. They were going to close the door but the same heavy man who had pulled Chase out was waiting for the arrival of anyone, and he reached in and grabbed the two and pulled them out.

Cameron: Is there some reason everyone attacks me while I’m pregnant?

"Cameron!" shouted Chase from underneath Ronald's foot. "This is the guy who robbed Cecelia's grave!"

Cameron: Why… why would you drag me into this hostage situation any more?

"Shutup!" Ronald snapped putting the gun between Chase's eyes.
"Don't shoot him!" Cameron screamed trying to run, hardly registering that the man would shoot her in an instance, but Wilson held her back.
"You'll only get hurt. You're pregnant thus you can't go and fight!" warned Wilson in a hiss.

Wilson: Yeah, isn’t she like eight months pregnant at this point? How is this stand-off going to work exactly?

"But Chase . . ."
"I know but he'll make it."
"Stay back!" Chase shouted despite the gun. He tried to swallow his cowardice and move but he couldn't find the strength. He stared up at Ronald who was obviously fearful of the outcome. It wasn't going the way he planned. "Look, I don't know who you are and I don't like you, but I've had the pain of losing a kid too. Twice, thanks to you. You can't let yourself become a murderer because of it! Especially in front of your own daughter."

House: Because the baby is going to notice and judge you.

"I swear to God I will blow your-"

House: And then the story got dirty.

"I know I wouldn't put my daughter in the danger you're putting yours in. Do you honestly think you could come in here with three stolen livers and-" He was silenced by being stuck with the butt of the gun across his jaw. That got him to shutup although he had plenty more to say.
"Leave him alone!" Cameron shouted from across the room. She was between tears and rage.

Cameron: I care for you.

"Shutup! I don't mind hurting a pregnant girl, you know, so don't think I won't hurt you." He pointed his gun in Cameron's direction and laughed as fear became apparent in her eyes. Wilson pulled her behind him to protect her. "So she has two boyfriends? How nice."

Wilson: No, I have three ex-wives. I don’t really need another one.

Then came the relieving sounds of sirens.

Wilson: Or relieving myself.

"Don't think they can save you!" Ronald warned.
"I'm giving up," Shana said with a sob. She shuddered and walked to Cuddy who was trying to ignore the pain on her temple where she had been struck. She handed the baby to Cuddy saying, "Please help her. If we're going to be arrested . . . do what you can, please? She deserves a second chance. We don't."

Cuddy: This just got all Lifetime movie.

Cuddy's features softened. "You're doing the right thing Shana."
"Please don't hold Ronald's actions against her. He's not . . . he's lost his mind," She whispered as the cops began to walk towards the building. "I'm so, so sorry . . ."

House: They called him Ronald McDonald one too many times in school.

"I'll do what I can," Cuddy said with a soft smile.
"Shana! What the hell are you doing?" Ronald left his hostage Chase and walked over to his wife. "Don't give our child to her!"
"I'm doing the best for our kid since you've obviously unable to!" She snapped bravely and in return got a strike across her mouth for the daring comment.
"Come out and give up or we will shoot!" One policeman shouted.

House: You think there’s a cop show running parallel to my show and it’s just the police responding to random shit at the hospital?

Ronald growled in frustration and was unsure of what to do.

House: Ronald is confused!

"Give yourself up," said Shana weeping once again. "Don't hurt anyone else. Please don't do it."

Cameron: When you wanna come to it…

"I am giving you until the count of ten! And do not assault anyone on your way or we will consider you a threat and shoot!" The policeman shouted once again.
Two shots rang out.

Chase: In the Memphis SKYYYY…

The sounds of sirens and shouting only made Chase's head pound even more violently. He tried to cover his ears but it was in vain. The intensity of th pain blocked out all of his perceptions. Was there a pain somewhere besides his temple? He felt it, deep within his thigh, but his mind ached horribly.

Chase: Do I suddenly have serious migraines now? Is the House theme going to start playing because this time, I’m the patient?

Foreman: Yay, it’s Euphoria!

He was faintly aware of someone touching him but it wasn't a touch that was meant to be alarming. It was a soft one, on his chest, and he felt his shirt beginning to be lifted up. Everytime he breathed the bruises on his chest would pulse painfully.

Chase: There is nothing attractive about this image.

Chase tried to focus but found the light of day to be too much. He closed his eyes letting the voices, alarms, and sirens to swim all together. He groaned when someone tried to shove him back into reality with a pull of his arm. A female voice kept calling his name. His first name.

Cameron: Chase! Chase Utley! You’re my favorite player!

"Robert! Robert! Are you okay?"
As he came back he felt a sharp, violent pain in his thigh. He tried to sit up but the bruised flesh of his chest wouldn't allow such sudden movement. He laid back down letting fingers run through his hair.
"Robert? Please talk to me."
"My head . . . hurts really bad," He finally said. "And my chest . . . ow, my thigh too."

Cameron: The head bone’s connected to the… neck bone…

"Ronald shot you. I guess it was too much with your headache and you were unconscious for a minute," said the female voice. His eyes focused onto it and he saw the face of his loving girlfriend Cameron. "In the leg only, thank God. We're going to need to get it out. You're going into surgery to make sure that it didn't hit anything important, okay?"

Cameron: Bad Ronald!
Chase: Let’s begin…

"Gonna' knock me out with some good stuff?" He tried to joke.
Cameron nodded, her tears falling onto Chase's chest. "Yeah. You'll be fine. I know you will be. I love you so much. Please be okay."
"Love you too . . ."
"We're going to lift you onto the gurney," said Cuddy. "Ready?"
Pain shot up in his leg and he groaned and he was successfully placed onto the gurney.
"Cameron are you okay?" Chase asked.

Cameron: No, I’m fat. Wasn’t that the main plotline?

Cameron could not help but let even more tears fall at the question. Even in such pain he was thinking about her.

Cameron: Oh what a damn martyr he is.

"I'm fine. I wasn't hurt."
"Thank you, Wilson, for standing in the way," He managed to get that out before his head pounded from the stress of the sounds. It felt as though every movement, every squeak, and every gulp of breath were magnified by one hundred.

Wilson: I work well as a human shield, apparently.

"No problem."
"This is crazy," He heard Cuddy say. "I can't believe it."
Neither can I, agreed Chase in thought. I hope they find Cecelia's body and she can rest in peace . . .


Cameron was sitting in the waiting room where the shared feeling was timorous. How could this have happened? Why the same hospital where they worked at? Why was everything taking a horrible turn now that they were finally going to have another child?

House: Because this is fanfiction.

Cameron wasn't sure what to grieve for first - her daughter's victimization or Chase with his gun wound.

Chase: Me!

The surgeon's said it hadn't torn any ligaments and did not pass through any main arteries. They said he would be in crutches for a while, and some recurrent pain, but he should be okay.

House: Eh, it’s Chase. He’ll still be good-looking and that’s all anyone cares about.

"Allison? Here," said the familiar voice of Wilson. He held out a cup of soda and she took it gratefully and sipped on it. He sat beside her and stayed silent for a while.
"He's going to be okay," Cameron said.
"I know."
"What happened to Ronald? Is he going to jail?"

House: And when he gets out, he’ll be hired at McDonald’s.

"Yeah. But Shana . . . she's not in good shape. The bullet penetrated her spinal cord. She won't be able to walk, and one of her lungs collapsed. They aren't sure that she'll make it through the night."

Wilson: Good night, sweet O.C.! May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

"It takes a complete coward to shoot his wife in her back," Cameron hissed.
"There's no news on Cecelia. I'm sorry."
Cameron said softly. "I need to see Cecelia back into her grave. But . . . he took out her liver-" She began to shake and took in a deep breath "-and I don't know what else he did to her. Did he throw her in the garbage? Did he take out other organs?"

House: This got really nasty. I don’t even have something snarky to say, and I always have something snarky to say.

"The police will found out about that," said Wilson and he began to rub Cameron's back to help her calm down. "I know this is a difficult situation but things will get better."
"They can't get any worse."
"Do you need anything else?"


Cameron looked over to Wilson, her eyes beginning to feel dry from crying so much, and she let herself crumble into her friend's arms. She hugged him with her face buried into the crook of his neck. A little stunned from the sudden contact Wilson didn't return it at first but did when he knew comfort was what she needed the most.
He removed the hair out of her eyes when she pulled herself away. Cameron felt that she shouldn't move any closer to him or she would do something that she would regret later.

Cameron: I know the father of my child getting shot always makes me want to sleep with Wilson for some reason.

"Thank you," Cameron uttered gently.
When she smiled at him Wilson could feel his heart pound against his chest.

Wilson: I’d hope so. Otherwise I’m dead.

He wished that he could make a move right then. Cameron looked as beautiful as she ever been even if she had sorrow in her features. He wanted to kiss those lips that were parted in such a way that they looked inviting . . .

Wilson: I know I slept with a dying patient but… isn’t this sort of a dick move right here?

Get a grip! She's off limits! No go, no go!
"Er, do you need me to get you anything else? Like something to eat?"

Cameron: Haven’t we established that I’m not allowed to eat?

"We just ate," She reminded him.
"Oh. Yeah. I guess we did so . . . if you do need anything I'll be in my office. Page me when he's ready for visitors."

Wilson: I can tell him about how I want to sleep with his girlfriend, I guess.

Cameron nodded, thanked him again, and he left.
Not knowing it, her heart was pounding just as much as his had.

Cameron: We’re both not dead! Yay!

Chase's mind was obscured from the drugs pumped in through the IV. His chest and headache were feeling much better thanks to the opiates but his leg was throbbing still. He never thought he would be a victim of a gun shot but lady luck was not with him that day. His frustration and anger at the man who shot him was as heavy as ever.

Chase: Luck, be a lady! Tonight!

He wanted to punish him for what he had done to his daughter's grave. The very idea of him opening her up, in an impromptu surgery, to check out her liver made him physically ill.

Cameron: This sounds like he was creeping on the liver… PlayLiver.

The only thing he could find salvaging in this whole ordeal was atleast Ronald was doing it to save his own daughter. Chase could understand how the helplessness of not being able to help your child is maddening. Though that was no excuse for shooting up a hospital demanding to be at the very top of the list through anger and fear.
He would be out the next day if all went well. He would be on crutches for a while but if it meant getting out of the hospital bed all would be better. When he was cleared for having visitors, and was less fuzzy from the anesthesia, the first person he wanted to see was Cameron.

Chase: So did the whole anorexia plot just get completely dropped or what?

Cameron: I think now it’s about gun violence in America.

Wanting and getting are different things.

Cameron: That’s why they are two different words.

He was visited first by House who seemed indifferent to Chase's situation. The first thing that popped out of Chase's mouth was, "Where's Cameron?"

House: No wonder I’m indifferent.

"Hello to you too, goldilocks," said House. "Then again I guess seeing a gorgeous girl would be your first preference to your boss."
"Yeah. Where is she?"
"She went home to change clothes. When she sat up she spilled orange soda all over the place. Big mess," House said briefly.

House: Who loves orange soda? House loves orange soda!

He took a seat at Chase's bedside and they were unable to read eachother's faces, which bothered them greatly, which in turn didn't make the ambiance seem quite so friendly. "How's the leg?"

House: This seems like it just turned into a slash fiction about Chase and I.

"Better than yours."
"Oooh, but you get better drugs. What's up with that?" House scoffed in mock-frustration.
"They're giving me too much drugs. I'm surprised the walls aren't melting yet."
"You need LSD for that kind of effect," House chipped in. "I could get you some."

House: That would serve to make this story a lot more interesting, I have to say.

Cameron: It might turn into that S.E. Hinton book where the kid took acid and the colors screamed.

House: Red and yellow screamed loudest, as I recall.

"Yeah, uh, no," Chase said not believing he actually suggested it.
House: At this point, is there really anything you can’t believe me doing? Like, literally anything at all?
"I wasn't going to get you any, anyway. That's all mine," House admitted. "So I guess you'll be needing crutches for that. Who else to teach you the ways of the limp than me?"
"I'm sure it won't be that hard to maneuver in crutches."
"Pssh, amateurs," House huffed. "Anyway I'm only here to keep you company until Cameron comes back, since she demanded it, and while I'm here to suffer I might as well watch General Hospital. Where's the remote for the TV?"

House: General Hospital got demoted down to Corporal.

"I am not going to sit through your soap opera. I hate those sort of things," groaned Chase like a six year old.

Cameron: Oh Chase, shut up. I’m trying to watch Desperate Housewives.

House paused and shook his head. He turned on the TV and flicked through the channels until he landed on the right one. He leaned back, saying, "Riiight, because you're too manly for this, aren't you?"
"If you're trying to make me feel better, here's news: the plan backfired. Go away."
Chase grabbed the remote back from House and turned the TV off. House was going to take it back but there was something troubling in the other man's eyes that told him that he wasn't joking.

House: I should have put on some porn. That was what he was really looking for.

Cameron: Red Shoe Diaries!

House: Chase does not watch Red Shoe Diaries… Well, maybe.

Luckily House was saved from having to reply to that - and he was going to, rather nastily - since he hadn't wanted to do it in the first place. Thankfully he did not have to admit it to Chase, who ignored his presence as soon as Cameron entered the room.
Cameron ran towards Chase, hugging him in what any bystander would think was an attempt to break his bones, but Chase returned it.

Chase: She actually did break my bones, and the rest of the season I was in a full body cast.

House: The twist no one saw coming!

"I brought you some puzzles. I know you want to keep busy so . . ." Cameron brought them out of her purse and put them on Chase's side-table. "How are you feeling?"
"Groggy but I'll be fine."
House stood up, patted Cameron on the shoulder and said, "Don't ride him too rough."

House: Why would I say that?

Cameron: He thinks Chase is a horse. Neiiiiigh.

Cameron smirked and let her boss walk out. She sat by her boyfriend and he grabbed her hand holding onto it tightly. They sat there in silence for a while, not sure what to say to one another. Cameron had no news of Cecelia's whereabouts and Chase had a throbbing in his leg as his body tried to repair the damage. He wanted desperately to find out any inkling on Cecelia, but one look in Cameron's eyes told him that she was not ready to admit their child's grave and body had been violently violated. So he had to grit his teeth constantly reminding himself that even though Cecelia was his daughter, she was dead, and the living came before the dead.

Chase: And I’m the one who got shot!

He found his hand laying on his girlfriends large stomach. Chase had been so lost in thought that he didn't pay attention to outside interference. That was until he felt a light thump, bringing him back to reality, and his lovers smiling features.

Chase: This kid is like, “I want out of this fic! Shit is getting too weird.”

Then it hit him: The baby had moved!
"I can't wait," Cameron sighed. "I'm so anxious. I want a baby so bad. Whenever I see another woman with a baby I think of, you know, our own child."

Cameron: Actually, I think of pumpkins. I don’t know why.

She stiffened at the name. "Yeah. Her too."

Cameron: Cecelia… You’re breaking my heart…

There was an uncomfortable silence. They were waiting on eachother to say something comforting but the words were stuck in their throats.
"I'm sorry," Chase apologized. "All I wanted was to hurt him for what he's done to you and me and I forgot about everyone else. I endangered everyone's lives for someone who isn't even alive!"

House: Or IS SHE? Plot twist!

Cameron: It just turned into a soap opera.

"She is your daughter, Chase, dead or not," Cameron said sternly. She gripped his hand within her small ones. "You were driven by an instinct to protect your family even if who you're protecting isn't alive. No one would blame you for that."
"I wasn't protecting her. I was avenging her. There's a big difference."

Chase: He who makes a beast out of himself… gets rid of the pain of being a MAAAAAAAN…

"You know what I mean," she said sounding impatient. "I don't blame you. Cuddy doesn't blame you. We all understand."
"No you don't!" He snapped. "I couldn't help her from dying and now I couldn't even protect her grave! I'm-I'm a horrible father! How can I trust myself with another kid when I can't save them?"

Cameron: You should have thought about that before you knocked me up again!

"There are things we can't do. We can't stand at the grave twenty-four-seven!" Cameron didn't give into snapping back but she was very close to doing so. "And if you're going to blame yourself than I'm at fault to. I'm her mother. Does it make me a bad mother to try and save her but I couldn't? No. It would make me a bad mother not to try!

Cameron: Am I going to end up being super overprotective? Is this going to turn into Bates Motel?

House: Would that make Dylan analogous to the dead kid?

"Can't you see Chase? Trying is all we can do. We're doing the best we can but sometimes our best doesn't work. It's absurd to think you can always make things perfect."
"But I should be able to. I'm the man of the family. I'm the-"

House: You’re the man of the house now…

"Hero?" Cameron finished the sentence for him.

Chase: I can be your hero, baby! Or your gyro.

House: Or Hiro.

Cameron: Or we could be watching Heroes.

House: Save the patient. Save the world.

Chase scoffed, "I wish."
"I don't think anyone can be a hero, in the sense of Superman or Batman, if that's what your definition of a hero is. Someone that goes in and constantly saves the day? Has the answers every time? Effortlessly doing the right thing?"

House: Batman doesn’t always have the answers. Some shit went really wrong in Dark Knight.

Chase wasn't sure where she was going with this. "That would be a hero, yeah," he drawled.
"A fictional one," She corrected. "A human definition shouldn't be that. I think a hero is someone who try's to fix things. Who is there for their loved ones, and even if they can't help them, they're there. Maybe Cecelia was alive for only a couple of hours but you were there by her side. You held her hand as she passed away. What better father could she ask for?"

House: Batman. Batman would be the best dad.

Cameron: But you couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell you!

Chase stayed silent trying to soak her words in. He had left Cameron, after making sure she would be okay, and was with Cecelia in the ICU for a long time. He had been there when she stopped breathing and he had tried to find any disease or illness that would have her symptoms.
"This has been bothering you for a while," She stated instead of questioned. Cameron could tell from the solemn look on the face that she hit the right nerve.

House: And now, this became a show about psychology.

Cameron: And then Dr. Vogel from Dexter showed up.

"Allison, I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, but I don't want to talk-"
"Chase, please. Tell me while we're still in this grieving mood. If I let it drop you may never tell me."
Chase resigned his toughened shell and said slowly, "Ever since you were attacked I've felt helpless. I wasn't there for you."
"Chase . . ."
"Your father pulled me aside before he and your mother left," Chase finally said. "The conversation was short but it got to me. He didn't think I could protect you. He said I wasn't very strong, and that I shouldn't let you down, so I've been sitting on that all of this time. I can't get over how far Oscar got before someone intervened. And it wasn't even me!"

House: The farthest Oscar got before someone intervened was giving Best Picture to Crash instead of Brokeback Mountain. It was robbed!

"Don't blame that on you! You couldn't have known."
"I wish-"
"We wish a lot of things. I wish that I didn't accidentally puke on my then boyfriend in the tenth grade. I wish I hadn't crashed into a pole on my first driving test. I wish that I graduated at the top of my class. Do you see how this could drive anyone crazy? You need to stop it."

Cameron: I accidentally puked on my boyfriend?

House: You were the female version of Stan on South Park.

"I want to be there for you."
"You are or are you not the one that's been living with me for a year?"
"It's hard to explain. I'm not too good with words."
Cameron pressed her forehead against his and looked him right in the eyes. "I love you, Robert."
"I love you too but please, call me Chase. You're right in that it does sound better."

Cameron: Why the hell am I calling my husband by his last name? Especially if I had decided to take his last name, it would be weird and confusing.

Cameron smiled lacing her fingers with his. She kissed him gently on the mouth, and he tried to lean into the affectionate kiss, but she pulled away.
"Nu-uh Mr. Chase. You've got to heal before you get into some rough activities."

Cameron: Oh yeah, shit just got kinky for no reason.

"You're a tease," He chuckled kissing her on the cheek before she could pull away entirely. "What time is it?"
"Time for you to rest."
"I think we need to get an animal. Like a dog."

House: It will be a weird poodle, and I will break in and return him to the SPCA because he annoys me. Remember Wilson’s cat?

Wilson: I don’t.

"Uhhh . . . that's sudden."
Chase smirked. "A big dog. An attack dog. I'd feel safer that way, so if you're home alone, I know you've got some protection."

House: A Pomeranian!

"What am I? Helpless?"
"Right. Your one hundred and ten pound body is going to beat the hell out of some burglar."
"I'm pregnant. I'm heavier."

House: And she can apparently sit on people as defense.

"Who forgot that it's bad to fight when you're pregnant?" reminded the Aussie.
"I'll think about it," Cameron grumbled. "I prefer cats though. And if we get a dog it can't be a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard. I don't want to wake up one morning and our baby be hanging from their jaws."

Wilson: I thought the stereotypical attack dog was a pitbull or a Rottweiler, not Beethoven.

House: Maybe Cujo?

"A Golden Retriever?"
"I said I'll think about it," She said more strictly.
Chase smiled and dumped out the box of puzzle pieces that formed a church. He looked at the church, a large marble fixture with flowers surrounding the outside, and a large cross at the entrance. He found it touching that she bought him something related to Christianity when she was an ardent Atheist.

House: Well, we’ll be back the next time for the thrilling conclusion! Will this kid ever get born? Will Cameron keep getting attacked? And what about… Kutner?

chocolate_frapp: Horsechocolate_frapp on April 29th, 2015 02:43 pm (UTC)
holy crap, was this fic cheesy.
Your MSTs are awesome, please write more!

(one teeny little concrit? It's "about Chase and me". I don't think it'd be IC for House to use bad grammar.)
Mrs. Mercurysydpenguinbunny on April 29th, 2015 03:30 pm (UTC)
Ah, you're right... I guess it proves MSTers make mistakes too :P thanks for reading!! :)