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About the Community

House is a show that prides itself on its grade-A snark, and I'm sure we've all wondered just how certain characters would react to some of the grade-F dreck that passes for fanfiction out there. Well, wonder no more. Mystery Science Theatre is a series of films in which prisoners are tortured by being forced to watch horrid films. Needless to say, they began to heckle the movies and invent hilarious commentary on the worst movies.

That said, this community is designed to heckle the worst in House fanfiction that is out there. And it's out there. You just have to find it and let the cast perform their own commentary on it.

Community Rules:

1. To preserve the self-worth of the authors, please omit the title and the author's name from your MST. Just post the body of the story, along with your commentary, of course. Please do not link the original authors of the fanfic to this site.

2. Please, please watch your own spelling and grammar. It's really not that hard. Get someone else to look over your post, or use your word processor's spell-check. Getting your message across clearly is key to it actually being funny.

3. Be funny. Try to keep in-character when you're commentating, and make the circumstances of the commentary plausible. (House is bored, goes on his computer, finds fanfic, shows fanfic to various passers-by, etc.)

4. Take a look over at
svu_mst before you post to see how they do it, as they are where I got this idea from, and they do it quite well. Please use some sort of style to distinguish the commentary from the actual fic. (For example, colour, bolding, font.)

5. If you want to claim a fic to MST and make sure no one else is working on it at the same time as you are, or to offer up a fic for someone else to MST, please comment in the claims post. Do not make a separate post.